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5" Shower Head Dab Rig

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5" Shower Head Dab Rig

This is a very nice classic style glass dab rig that features a honeycomb diffused down stem to give you the smoothest use possible. It is really well made with high quality glass. The small slits in the honeycomb down stem make smaller air bubbles for a better overall filtration. This has a classic design and comes in almost all clear in color. The honeycomb down stem and mouth tip for this dab rig do very. The joint size for this dab rig is 14mm and order comes with a complimentary quartz banger.


  • 5 inch tall glass rig made from high quality glass
  • Color: clear (mouth tip color varies)
  • 14mm joint
  • FREE 14mm banger included
  • FREE shipping with all US orders



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