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glass water pipe bong

Spinning Propeller Perc Bong - 8" - Scylla

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Spinning Perc Water Pipe

The 8" Spinning Propeller Perc Bong features a rotating perc that spins as long as you pull for monstrous diffusion, a flat base, colorful accents (multiple color options), a fixed 90 degree glass down stem with a polished 14mm F joint and a bent neck mouthpiece. Matching glass funnel herb slide w/ handle included.

Designed by Sesh Supply and named after the Greek sea monster Scylla, this spining perc water pipe creates a whirlwind of excitement. A permanent gilded logo adorns the base and stem.

Scylla - our flagship propeller perc

  • Spinning kinetic propeller perc in beaker base
  • 8" Tall
  • Color: All clear (accent colors vary)
  • Worked maria rings around 90 degree polished 14.5mm female joint
  • Color propeller and wrapped lip

Proudly designed in Savannah, GA


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