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glass water pipe bong

Straight Tube Propeller Perc Bong - 14" - Charon

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Straight Tube Propeller Perc Bong - 14" - Charon

This 14" Straight Tube Propeller Perc Bong features durable clear boro glass, a 90 degree fixed meniscus stemless down tube w/ 18mm Female groundless joint, a spinning propeller perc for awesome diffusion, 3-pinch ice catch, a sturdy fat can base and a triple Maria ring mouthpiece. Comes with matching funnel herb slide with handle. A metallic Sesh Supply logo adorns the neck.

Named after Charon, the Greek ferryman of the Underworld's Rivers Styx and Acheron, this smooth hitter will give you a chill ride.

CHARON - The pathfinder of the river Styx

  • Premium borosilicate glass
  • 14" tall
  • Fixed kinetic propeller perc to ice pinch
  • Maria rings around lip and neck

Proudly designed in Savannah, GA



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