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Water Pipes

Below you will find our collection of water pipes with all the glass bongs, dab rigs, and bubblers we currently have for sale. We have lots of water pipes available with tons of different styles, heights, functions, and pricing. We have everything from small, cheap little bubbler bongs, to heavy duty 15" beaker bongs by brands like Diamond, Boss, and more. Everything in our collection has been hand picked by our team to ensure the pricing and quality are on point! Check below for yourself to see all the different offerings we have for bongs and water pipes.


Bubblers are awesome water pipes and combine the convenience of a standard glass hand pipe with the smoothness of a water pipe. Typically measuring 4-9 inches tall, bubblers are considered to be the easiest to use for travel and most discreet of all the water pipes. In our collection you will find single chamber and double chamber bubblers ranging in different sizes and pricing. We have standard, classic designed bubblers as well as bong and rig hybrids.

Dab Rigs

Dab Rigs are water pipes primarily for when people would like to use oil or concentrates. They are kind of a mix between a bong and bubbler, with a little slight difference. The designs of dab rigs we have available in our store vary from straight shot dab rigs, to Sherlock dab rigs, to more sophisticated dab rigs such as double recyclers and others. Most of the dab rigs we have available stand 5 to 8 inches tall and come automatically with a quartz banger in the order.


Bongs seem to be the most popular of all the water pipes in the smoking industry today. I mean, how could you ever go wrong with smoking out of a bong? With that being said, we made sure to include a large variety of bongs in our water pipe collection. We have lots of name brand bongs as well as cheaper generic bongs in our online smoke shop. Brand names that we currently carry are Bougie Glass, Diamond Glass, Boss Glass, Empire Glassworks, Nucleus, and more. Check below to see all of our bong offerings! 

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Good product

The quality of the product it good glass and works great with collecting relclaim

Not Smiling

Over a week ago I spoke to Drew again about my 2nd Yocan E-volve-D Dry Herb Pen not working. He told me he would send me another return slip to my e-mail. Which I'm still waiting. Hopefully it just slipped your mind.

Great value

This is a great little rig and for the price you can't beat it. Good quality glass, perfect size and works great. Shower head percs are the best imo and I like rigs with this style of base because they are very stable. Also great service and fast shipping from King Pipes. Overall I am very pleased.

It does get very hot when used frequently

We are rather new at this, so more instructions of its operation would be a good thing