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Empire Glassworks Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong 11

Empire Glassworks Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong

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Empire Glassworks Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong 11"

This bioluminescent bong by Empire Glassworks is simply amazing. The bong literally has a little forest for a perculator. The design and glasswork on this bong is second to none and looks awesome down to every detail. This bong also has UV reactive glass incorporated into the perc so it actually glows under a black light. It is hard to describe and show this bong without being able to see it in person. It is truly one of the nicest bongs you will find anywhere on the market. Empire Glassworks definitely knocked it out of the park with this one.


  • Bioluminescent Bonsai Bong 11"
  • Empire Glassworks
  • Forest themed perc
  • UV reactive glass
  • 14mm joint


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Great overall pipe

Portable, great price, easy to clean. Works great!

Mini Zong, has it all!

Great bong, features and price. Great size and looks, built well seems like it will last.

You can't beat the price

Quality pipes, great price, fast shipping,
you can't beat that!

Love Dry Vape

I love my new dry vape, easy to use & love that I don't need to buy or use lighters!