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Nucleus 17

Nucleus 17" Double UFO Perc Beaker Glass Bong

$150.00 $139.99 Sale

Nucleus 17" Double UFO Perc Beaker Glass Bong

This is definitely a big boy bong! This water pipe for sale by nucleus stands 17 inches tall and is equipped with 2 UFO style percs and a splash guard to help prevent water from being sucked up. This bong has triple water filtration that makes for incredibly smooth use. Nucleus always produces beautiful bongs and this is no different as it lives up to the brand name. It is made with heavy duty glass and is absolutely flawless. The joint size is 14mm and all orders of course come with a down stem and bowl slide.

Bong Features

  • Nucleus glass bong
  • 17 inches tall
  • Double UFO perc
  • Splash guard
  • Ice catcher
  • 14mm joint size