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glass water pipe bubbler

Sesh Supply Cornucopia Sherlock Bubbler

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Sesh Supply Cornucopia Sherlock Bubbler

Bubbler with fixed diffused downstem!

From the folks at Sesh Supply, this standard sized bubbler pipe is what's missing from your sesh. This scientific "Cornucopia" Sherlock Style Bubbler packs the function of a water pipe in the confines of a hand pipe. This sweet Sherlock Bubbler will certainly spoil you— you'll never want to smoke a regular dry hand pipe again! Color is clear, but accents either come in black or white.

Cornucopia - an abundance of smoke and filtration

  • Sherlock style bubbler with diffused downstem
  • Color tubing and wrapped lip
  • Carb on left side
  • 5.5" in length
  • Clear with either black or white accents
  • Awesome glass quality

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