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glass water pipe bubbler

Sesh Supply Pollux Bubbler with Propeller Perc

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Sesh Supply Pollux Bubbler with Propeller Perc

Pollux, the godly twin of Greek mythology, gained immortality through the constellation Gemini and appeared to sailors as St. Elmo's Fire. Like its namesake, the "Pollux" from Sesh Supply could be considered the patron saint of portable percolation and high seas. Fill the Pollux's chamber with water and watch the color accented perc spin your smoke and water around like a hurricane.

The whip at the base of the neck is also color accented and adorned with the classic Sesh Supply two ring style. Hammer style bubblers are great for their portability, and can fit in any glove compartment or backpack. Pick up the Pollux if you're an adventurer at heart, and not afraid of the open seas. 

Pollux - the portable propeller

  • Spinning kinetic propeller perc
  • Color perc and wrapped lip
  • Maria ring around neck
  • Accent color varies
  • 3.5" tall

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