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Benefits of Using a Reclaim Catcher

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To start off, some of you might be wondering what a reclaim catcher is. A reclaim catcher is an attachment to use for either your bong or dab rig, and as the name suggests, it catches the left over reclaim that is left from taking a dab. It is primarily used for oil concentrates. There are generic reclaim catchers and also branded ones such as Bougie Glass. To use it, you attach your nail or banger to the top of the reclaim catcher, then attach the reclaim catcher to your water pipe. This allows the smoke to flow down through it before entering your water pipe, and leaves the left over oil from your dab to collect at the bottom of the reclaim catcher. You can then detach the bottom of the reclaim catcher to collect the left over oil.

reclaim catcher connectorbougie glass reclaim catcher

A reclaim catcher connector is awesome to use for several reasons. First of all, the detachable silicone jar on the bottom makes these incredibly easy to clean because you are able to scrub the inside of it. Some people like using standard ash catchers for their dabs, but once those get dirty they are hard to clean. These make for an easy, hassle free cleaning process. Second, like an ash catcher, these will help keep your dab rig clean. This saves you the valuable time it takes to clean your water pipe every week!  Lastly, the biggest benefit from using a reclaim catcher is it gives you easy access to your reclaimed oil and allows you to reuse it. Although some people do not like doing this, it is not bad depending on the quality of oil you are using. Good oil can easily be used a second time to add to bowls, J’s, or even just to dab again. If you are looking to save money by reusing your oil, or just want to keep your water pipe clean, then a reclaim catcher is for you.

If you would like to purchase a reclaim catcher, then look no further! We have the four most popular reclaim catcher styles by Bougie Glass available in our store now. You can see them in the “Accessories” section of our store. We currently have 14mm and 18mm male joint sizes with either 90 or 45 degree bends by Bougie Glass available.

Click here for the 90 degree Bougie Glass reclaim catcher.

Click here for the 45 degree Bougie Glass reclaim catcher.


bougie glass reclaim catcher connector bougie glass reclaim catcher connector bougie glass reclaim catcher connector bougie glass reclaim catcher connectorbougie glass reclaim catcher

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