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Bubbler Pipes for Sale

We have many glass bubbler pipes for sale in our online headshop. Bubbler pipes are the ultimate mini hand water pipe ... Read more

We have many glass bubbler pipes for sale in our online headshop. Bubbler pipes are the ultimate mini hand water pipe and Kings Pipes has the best selection. They are smaller and easier to use than bongs, but are still equipped with water chambers that help clean impurities and provide you with a smooth experience. As with all water pipes, bubblers differ greatly in design, color, and height. In our store, we only carry bubblers with clean designs and great color. We hand pick the bubblers in our inventory to ensure our customers only receive great quality bubblers with well made glass. Take a look for yourself below!

Want a certain type of bubbler? You can shop for a specific kind here. 

Bong Bubbler Hybrids

mini bong bubbler hybrid

If a standard size bong is too big for you, but a regular bubbler is just not cutting it, you may want to try one of these hybrids. They function like a mini bong but have small water chambers like their bubbler counterparts. They are a good happy medium between the two.

Bubblers Under $50 

Cheap glass bubbler under $50

Lots of people like to budget shop, and respectively so. Shopping for deals online can sometimes be hard and tricky though. With this selection of cheap bubblers under $50 you know you are getting the best deals possible on a bubbler in our online headshop. All these cost under $50 and are the cheapest priced bubblers we have available.

Classic Bubblers

classic glass bubbler

When you think of the word “bubbler” these come to mind for most. They have the classic design where they stand vertical with the water chamber on the bottom, and a bent neck for the mouthpiece. These are truly classic.

Girly Bubblers

girly cute bubbler

Liked by many and appreciated by all. These girly themed colors implement lots of pink, purple, and other cute colors to make fabulous bubblers for the ladies.

Hammer Bubblers

hammer glass bubbler

These are the second most popular design of bubbler. They are horizontal with the water chamber in front, and a straight neck for the mouthpiece. They get their name from the signature hammer shape.

More on Bubbler Pipes

Bubbler pipes are a unique type of water pipe that offers users the best of both worlds. They offer many of the same benefits as standard water pipes, including cooling and filtration, while also creating a bubbling sound that can be quite pleasant to listen to. Bubbler pipes are smaller than traditional bongs, making them easy to use and transport. Additionally, bubbler pipes tend to be made of more durable materials like glass or metal, making them hardier and longer lasting than other water pipes. By using bubbler pipes, you can enjoy a smooth smoking experience while still getting the satisfying bubbly sound every hit.

Bubbler pipes are one of the lesser-known varieties of pipes available to smokers. They are typically used for smoking tobacco or dry herb and provide a cleaner, smoother flavor than other traditional forms of smoking. This is due to bubbler pipes having water at the bottom of them which helps filter out any unwanted ash from entering the smoke as it rises up when being inhaled. Additionally, bubbler pipes also tend to produce much cooler smoke than regular pipes, resulting in a much more comfortable experience for the user. Overall bubbler pipes offer an enjoyable smoking experience for those looking for something a bit different than traditional forms of smoking.

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Well worth the money. I want the $100 next



pipe screens

I am happy with my pipe screens order.the product I received did not look like what was in the picture that I ordered from,there were only 2 styles/colors in what I received instead of the variety pictured,but they work well.

Thank you for your review



Thank you for your review

6" Dab Rig Kit

Very happy with my purchase. I am new to dabs and such. I love this little rig!! As described and very carefully pkg'd and it arrived quickly. I highly recommend this seller.

Great to hear!