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Do you have a bong? If not, you probably need one and can go check them out in our bong collection. If you do, we can almost bet that you will eventually need an extra bowl piece for it. Trust us, everyone does! Bowl pieces are more than likely the first piece to break in a bong set. Don't worry though, you're on the right page! We have some of the best prices on glass bowl pieces you will find online. Almost all of our bowls come in both 14mm and 18mm sizes (sorry no 10mm here). Most of them are standard male joints, but we do also have some 14mm female joint bowls in our store. Our collection includes a great variety ranging in prices and sizes. All of our bowl pieces are handmade with high quality glass. Please reach out to us with any questions either via email at sales@kingspipes.com or via phone at 714 745 6741.
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