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Dab Rig Kits & Dabbing Bundles

A dab rig kit has everything you need for dabbing. We have starter dab rig kits as well as advanced dab rig ki... Read more
A dab rig kit has everything you need for dabbing. We have starter dab rig kits as well as advanced dab rig kits. Instead of buying a dab rig then looking for all the accessories, you can now save yourself some time and money by purchasing one these bundles.
We try to carry a wide variety of dab rig kits to help ensure you can find one that is best suited for your needs. In our collection we have simple kits with minimal items as well as more intermediate kits that are more complex with more goodies. Many of our dab rig kits and bundles include essential items such as reclaim catchers, torches, specialty bangers, carb caps, and more. See below to check them out for yourself!

Why Buy a Dab Rig Kit?

Whether you are a beginner at dabbing or just need a new set up, a dab rig kit is always a great option. Dab rigs typically require other tools to make them function correctly. Most commonly dab rigs use at least a quartz banger, carb cap, torch, and dab tool in order to work well. If you want to get the best use out of your rig other essentials can even be needed such as thermal bangers, terp pearls, and more. When you buy a dab rig kit, you get all these items bundled together at a good deal, so in the end you spend less time and money shopping.


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Mini Stone Pipe
Peter Pitman Sr
Mini stone pipe

The pipe was exactly what I wanted. It works great.

GREAT little pipe!

Perfect for what I need!! Thank you for your prompt service!!!!

Good for the price.

I got this as a temporary replacement for someone whos bowl I dropped and thry ended up liking it more then the bowl that broke. It's definitely a bit thin for my taste and has a flat-end mouth piece which I'm not a fan of but many people like.

Overall this pipe gets the job done and it's so cheap that you wont feel bad if you drop it. Hits like a champ too!

Also, A side note: The pipe reminds me of squidward for some reason. A Very simple but cool design and shape.


works like a charm

I liked it

Inline Dab Rig
Sierra B
This rig slaps

This rig has great quality and shipped in pristine condition! I’m definitely enjoying it!