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Top 10 Best Bong Brands

If you are shopping for a new bong, buying a brand name one will ensure that you know exactly what you are getting. Unlike generic bongs, brand name bongs are reliable and you know what kind of quality bong you are receiving. There are many bong brands in the industry today that provide the market with a wide range of different bongs and water pipes. Of all the bong brands out there today, there are some that stand about the rest. Although most bong brands provide quality products, there are some that separate themselves from the competition by providing superior products. Below is our list of the 10 best bong brands in the industry today.

#1 Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Fruity Detox Bong
Empire Glassworks has some of the coolest bongs available from any bong brand. They specialize in themed bongs that have many decorations and crazy detail on them. They make outer space themed bongs, food themed bongs, under the sea themed bongs and more. Many of these novelty bongs never even get used because they are such a work of art that people put them on display. Although Empire Glassworks has a few big bongs in their product line up, most of their items are smaller dab rig and bong hybrids. A cool aspect of Empire Glassworks bongs is they typically are equipped with a unique bowl slide that is themed in coordination with the bong. One thing about Empire Glassworks bongs is they are not great for those on a budget. Their products are made with top quality materials and absolute precision, which reflects in the price of these bongs.

#2 Higher Standards

Higher Standards Glass Bong
Higher Standards literally sets the standard for producing high quality bongs and water pipes. Their product line up is short and sweet, and includes only a handful of water pipes. The premier bong they produce is their classic 14” glass beaker bong. This bong is made in the US with 7mm thick borosilicate glass. This is arguably the best made 14” beaker bong anywhere on the market. Everything from the shape of the beaker bottom to the length of the down stem was designed for maximum performance. If you want the highest quality beaker bong on the market than you need to shop Higher Standards.

#3 Marley Natural

Marley Natural Glass Beaker Bong
Marley Natural is a big brand that produces many different types of products and has several different products lines. One of their products lines happens to be glass bongs and pipes, and they make sure to do it right. They have some of the most sought after bongs on the market. They take a unique approach to manufacturing bongs and only have one of a kind products in their lineup. They utilize bamboo as well as smoked glass in their products for truly one off items. They primarily specialize in producing beaker bongs and have several different selections to choose from.

#4 Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass Classic Beaker Bong
Diamond Glass in one of the most popular bong brands on the market today, and for good reason. Their primary focus is glass bongs and water pipes and they have an extensive line up of products. Their selection of glass bongs is bigger than almost any other bong brand in the industry. They produce many different styles of bongs including big bongs, small bongs, percolator bongs, thick glass bongs, and more. As you would expect from a brand like Diamond Glass, the glass quality and manufacturing detail on all their products is top notch and second to none. Many of their bongs also come in different color options so customers can find the color bong they like best. Although the price of Diamond Glass bongs is not cheap, they are fairly priced and you get the good quality that you pay for.

#5 Eyce Molds

Eyce Molds Silicone Beaker Bong
Eyce Molds is the only bong brand on our list that does not produce glass bongs. Instead, Eyce solely focuses on manufacturing and producing silicone bongs. In fact, they have the highest quality and most popular line up of silicone smoking pipes and bongs in the industry. The silicone bongs they produce have a number of benefits that you would not otherwise receive from a traditional glass bong. Eyce silicone bongs have different compartments that make up the bong and easily attach and reattach. This allows Eyce to implement a stash jar into the bong itself. These silicone bongs produced by Eyce Molds are also ideal for travel as silicone bongs do not have breakage like glass bongs. That makes these the perfect travel companion whether you’re out at the golf course, taking a hike, or just on the go. If you want the best silicone bong available, then you definitely want an Eyce Molds bong.

#6 My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase Bong Water Pipe
My Bud Vase provides some of the prettiest, most beautiful looking bongs on the market. As their name entails, the bongs they produce look like flower vases and can double as a bong or home decoration. This is a woman owned business and most of these bongs are catered specifically for the ladies. My Bud Vase bongs have a lot of vibrant colors and use a lot of purples and pinks in their design. The best part about these bongs is that they do not only look great, but they are also very high quality and made with thick glass. If you need a nice girly bong for yourself, or you are looking to buy one for that special girl in your life, then My Bud Vase bongs are straight up your alley.

#7 GRAV Labs

GRAV Labs Arcline Series Beaker Bong
Grav Labs is based out of the US in Texas and sets the standard for producing high quality scientific glass bongs and water pipes. They have one of kind bongs and water pipes that are unlike any other pipes on the market. Their sip series is a perfect example of how they truly separate themselves from the competition. The have mini bongs in the shape of a martini shaker, milk carton, and other popular drink containers that are designed to function at the highest level possible. They carefully research the shape, down stem length, and other specs of the bong to get the best performance out of it as possible. Most of their product line is made of all clear, borosilicate glass of the highest quality. They are undoubtedly one of the most popular bong brands and produce some of the best bongs available for sale.

#8 Bougie Glass

Bougie Glass Baseball Bat Bong 11 Inch
Bougie Glass is newer bong brand that has just come on the scene within the last couple of years. They make a lot of high functioning glass dab rigs and bongs. Many of their bongs have a scientific glass theme and are made with mostly clear glass. Their product line is pretty diverse and they make everything from big bongs to small, intricate dab rigs. Bougie Glass products are always reliable and well made with good quality glass.

#9 Unique Glass

Unique Glass Beaker Bong
Unique Glass has all of their products produced in America and specializes in glass mini bongs. They make bubble base bongs, buoy base bongs, beaker bongs, and straight tube bongs. Unique Glass had to make our list of best bong brands because they have some of the lowest prices for high quality American made bongs. Bongs of similar quality made in the USA typically retail at a way higher price compared to Unique Glass. With Unique Glass bongs you can truly get a high quality product at a fair price.

#10 Boss Glass

Boss Bong
Boss Glass combines great quality, simplicity, and low prices to make some of the best bongs available. Boss Glass bongs are made with clear scientific glass and have color accents for an extra touch. Most Boss Glass Bongs have simple function and are great for those looking to purchase their first bong. They have smaller 8 inch bongs as well as larger 1 foot bongs. There craftsmanship is great and the pricing on their bongs is very fair. If you want something simple and cheap then a Boss Glass bong might just be the perfect fit for you.


There are many great bong brands out there these days. When you buy a branded bong, you are more guaranteed to receive a consistent product. There are many bong brands out there from cheap, affordable bong brands to high end bong brands that make expensive, elegant bongs.  

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