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Best Cheap Glass Pipes Under $20

Cheap glass pipes can still be made with very nice quality. There are plenty of awesome cheap glass pipes for sale under $20 that are still very nice. Just because a pipe is not expensive does not necessarily mean you are receiving an inferior product. Some generic glass pipes can actually be just as good if not better than name branded pipes, and for only half the price. Below are the best cheap glass pipes in our store that cost under $20.

Cheap Travel Glass Pipe 3”

This pipe also made our list for the most popular pipes of last year. It is safe to say you get the most bang for your buck with this one. It is a standard mini spoon pipe that measures about 3 inches in length. As the title suggests, this cheap pipe is perfect for traveling since it is very small and easy to carry without any inconvenience. For such a little pipe, the glass on it is actually fairly thick. If you want a little cheap pipe for taking on the go this one is perfect. Since the price is so low, you do not have to worry about breaking or losing this pipe compared to other more expensive pipes.

Cheap Glass Pipe

Cheap Standard Glass Pipe 4”

The standard 4” cheap glass pipe is identical to the 3” travel pipe mentioned about in almost every way. The colors, design, and glass thickness are all the same. The only difference is this cheap pipe measures about 1 inch longer than the travel pipe above. It is an awesome cheap glass pipe that gets the job done nicely. Though it is not super flashy, it functions well and still has some cool colors on it. Also like the travel pipe mentioned about, this pipe has a buy 2 get 1 free deal so you can get a good deal if you would like to purchase more than one pipe.

Cheap Glass Smoking Pipe

Pink Fumed Fatty Chamber Pipe

This cheap pipe looks spectacular and is designed with vibrant colors. The pipe itself is made with rose gold colored glass that looks beautiful and has a nice shine in the light. The size of this pipe is no joke and it measure about 5 inches long. This pipe made our list because it is one the best quality cheap glass pipes in our store you can get for under $20. The workmanship on the pipe is immaculate and the design is perfectly crafted down to every detail. This pipe also has a really big bowl on it for an added bonus feature. Of all the cheap glass pipes in our online headshop, this is possibly the nicest and best quality pipe.

cheap pipes

Square Tip Gold Fumed Pipe

We say this about a lot of items in our store, but with this pipe it is truly hard to show just how nice and vibrant the colors are in a picture. This cheap pipe has a beautiful gold fumed color that changes color tone when light is shining on it. The glass is also incredibly thick on this pipe and it weighs close to a half pound. This pipe actually is the thickest glass pipe of all the pipes we have available for under $20. Due to the color of the pipe plus the thickness of the glass, this pipe had to make our list.

cheap glass pipe for sale

Cheap Frit Glass Pipe

This frit pipe combines nostalgic colors with a classic design to make a glass pipe that is truly timeless. This is a very basic and simple spoon pipe made nicely with good quality glass and design. You can either receive this cheap pipe in blue, yellow, and red, or you are able to get in Rasta color.

cheap rasta pipe


Gold Fumed Glass Pipe

The only thing cheap about this pipe is the price. Of all the cheap pipes in our collection this one is made with the thickest and heaviest glass. It has a great gold fumed color that changes color slightly depending on how the light hits it. One of the best features about this pipe is that fact that its design provides it with a built in ash catcher to prevent inhaling any leftover material. The pipe has 2 big chambers that catch any ash passing through. This pipe really gives you a good bang for your buck and is one of the best quality cheap glass pipes we have available in our store.

Cheap Gold Fumed Pipe

Charcoal Pipe

This cheap charcoal pipe is a beautiful looking spoon pipe that is made very nicely. The glass of the pipe is a see through rose gold and it is decorated with charcoal spots and gold striped lines. The smoking bowl on this pipe is super deep and it can definitely hold a lot of material. It is great cheap pipe for at home and measures about 4.5 inches in length.

Cheap Glass Pipe

If you would like to see all of the pipes we have available for under $20 click here - Cheap Glass Pipes.

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pipe screens

I am happy with my pipe screens order.the product I received did not look like what was in the picture that I ordered from,there were only 2 styles/colors in what I received instead of the variety pictured,but they work well.

Thank you for your review



Thank you for your review

6" Dab Rig Kit
Raymond Gaines
6" Dab Rig Kit

Very happy with my purchase. I am new to dabs and such. I love this little rig!! As described and very carefully pkg'd and it arrived quickly. I highly recommend this seller.

Great to hear!

Value and smooth

Love this pipe so much ordered a 2nd one. It smokes smooth and big hits.

This is also one of our favorites

Glass Daisy's Screens

I know there's different sizes and I've got hundreds of these Daisy screens only to have most of them pulverized glass mixed in. I've never bought less than a hundred at a time and I hope these aren't too small or too big being 100 count glass pipe screens is usually about 10 bucks. But to only get 30 I hope they're all intact and most importantly I hope they fit most 14.5 mm male joints and most glass pipes. I'll try to call somebody in the morning but please email me if this is the right order being it only takes two to three business days but you should add an extra day onto that from California to Florida. Just saying I lived in Arizona and it takes an extra day. Just hoping they're all intact and I hope they fit being there going to be a 30 count for the same price as 100 basically. Thank you for your time and understanding, Richard P Matthew Jr