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Biohazard Glass Product Overview

bio hazard glass review overview

Bio Hazard Glass is a USA based glass blowing company that produces high quality bongs, dab rigs, and pipes. They have top notch products that are all beautifully crafted with precision and high-quality glass. If you want a nice bong that is guaranteed to be made in the US, then Bio Hazard Glass would be the right selection for you. They have a large range of different bongs and water pipes that come in a wide variety. They make everything from small, mini water pipes all the way to big, 2-foot bongs.

Of all the products they make, their standard glass beaker bong, mini dab rig, and dinosaur themed bong are some of the best-selling products in their line up. These pieces look awesome and work just as well as they look. Below we go in depth and give a full review on these Bio Hazard glass products.

Bio Hazard Beaker Bong

Bio Hazard Glass Beaker Bong 12 Inch

The tall Bio Hazard 12” beaker bong is a staple pipe in the Bio Hazard line up and is perfect for daily use. It has thick glass tubing, a stable base, no glass flaws, a glass-on-glass connection, and it of course is made in America.

Durable Glass Tubing

The glass tubing on this bong is made from 5mm thick glass. This is heavy duty glass that is resistant to breaking like normal bongs would be during a tip over.

Thick Glass Base

The beaker base on this bong is also made from 5mm thick glass. The base of a bong is usually the spot where most bongs break or crack, so having a thick base is very important. It also makes the bong more stable, so it does not tip over easily.

No Glass Flaws

Having no glass flaws is what sets Bio Hazard apart from other glass blowing companies. All the items they release are absolutely pristine with no air bubbles in the glass or blemishes on the pipe. This Bio Hazard beaker bong is no different and is perfect down to every detail. The down stem connection and the glass connection between the beaker and straight tube is flawless. On some cheaper bongs you can see where the glass blowers connected the down stem insert to the bong, but that is not the case with the Bio Hazard bong.

Bio Hazard is a Reputable Brand

Bio Hazard is based out of the United States and provides only high quality glass items. Like any commodity, quality is always important. Bio Hazard consistently hits this mark by making pipes and water pipes with durable glass.

Glass on Glass Connection

The glass-on-glass connection means that the bowl slide of the bong does not require a rubber grommet to remain airtight when using. A glass-on-glass connection is favored by most smokers and is considered to be higher end.

Bio Hazard Mini Dab Rig

bio hazard mini dab rig

The Bio Hazard mini dab rig is a nice piece of glass that is an awesome rig for daily use. It stands about 5.5 inches tall and has a 45 degree down stem.

Perfect Size

As mentioned above this dab rig measures 5.5 inches in height. This is a great size for any dab rig because the compact size makes it portable, easy to store, and provides flavorful hits. The smaller size of this dab rig makes it more convenient to carry around compared to a bigger rig. Sometimes bigger dab rigs that measure 9 inches or more are hard to travel with and are more susceptible to breaking. It is also convenient for storage, especially if you want to keep it out of sight. The small size allows you to store this in places like a dresser or cupboard. Lastly, the size of this rig gives you good size hits, while still maintaining the flavor of your essential oil. With bigger dab rigs you can lose some of the taste as the smoke fills the chamber.

Pull Out Down Stem

Unlike most dab rigs, this Bio Hazard rig features a pull out down stem connection. This allows you to take this rig apart for easy cleaning, which is a big help because most dab rigs have built in percolators that can clog up over time.

Dual Use Water Pipe

This design of this dab rig makes it perfect to use for both tobacco and essential oils. If you want to use it for oil, you just need a 45-degree quartz banger and you are good to go. As mentioned above, this rig is great to use for dabbing. Also though, it works well for dry herbs and tobacco. The design makes this rig just feel like a mini bong. To use it for dry herbs or tobacco you need a 14mm bowl slide.

Dino T-Rex Bong

bio hazard dinosaur themed bong

Make your glass collection even better with this beautiful glass piece by Bio Hazard. It is a dinosaur themed mini bong that measures about 7 to 8 inches in length, and about 6 inches in height.

Unique Design

The unique design on this bong makes it a must have for any smoker. It is shaped like a dinosaur and includes great glass detail. Every little spec on this bong from the teeth, to the claws, to the spine of the dinosaur is made with precision and great accuracy. The bong is also made perfectly balanced so it can stand up right on its feet. Overall, you will not find too many other bongs that have a design as unique as this.

Doubles as Art

This glass bong is nice enough to be a piece of art and can be used as a sculpture piece in decorating. Whether you have a collection of glass art sculptures, or are just into dinosaurs, this bong can be a great decorating item and a great addition to your collection.

Great Function

We all know this bong looks cool and has a great design, but on top of that it also functions very well. It has a big water chamber and comes equipped with a 14mm pull out bowl slide. The big water chamber allows for a lot of water which helps you to pull big, smooth hits. The pull-out bowl slide makes this water pipe feel like a traditional bong. Overall, this Dino pipe can function just as good as any standard beaker bong.


Bio Hazard glass never fails to bring high quality glass pipes to the market place. Their items are made top notch and are always setting the standard for other glass companies. Their 12” beaker bong, mini dab rig, and dinosaur themed bong are just 3 examples of this. They also make tons of other products that have the same high-quality standard. If you need a new bong, check out the Bio Hazard product line up.

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