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Bong History 101 - A Short History of Bongs

history of bongs

The use of bongs is believed to have originated centuries ago, in the ancient cultures of Asia. Ancient Chinese used bamboo and other natural materials to craft primitive bongs for medicinal purposes. Over time, the practice spread throughout Asia and eventually reached Europe and the Americas.

In the Americas, Native Americans adopted bong smoking techniques from the highly advanced Aztec civilization to make their own vessels for smoking tobacco-based products. The pipes were crafted from natural materials such as wood, stone, clay and even gourds. This was an especially popular method among religious ceremonies due to its ability to produce a quick, yet powerful smoke.

Although there are many stories surrounding the origin of modern-day bongs, it is widely believed that they began to become more common in Europe during the 17th century. During this era, glassblowers started crafting glass pipes with intricate designs. While these pipes were originally used by tobacco smokers, they soon became popular with drug users due to their ability to filter out smoke particles and cool down hot smoke before it enters the lungs.

In the 19th century, bong smoking began gaining popularity across Europe as well as North America. Pipes made from metal such as brass and copper became commonplace in households across both continents as people began using them for recreational use rather than just medical purposes.

Bongs continued to gain traction over time and eventually spread into all corners of the world. Today, there are numerous styles and materials used when creating a bong ranging from hand-blown glass pieces to acrylic water pipes which are now favored by smokers due to their durability and ease of maintenance. Bongs have also gained immense popularity within the smoking culture thanks to their smooth hits which can give off massive plumes of smoke with little harshness or irritation on your throat or lungs.

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