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Five Creative Dab Tools for Your Dabbing Station

Five Creative Dab Tools for Your Dabbing Station

Using a dab station for the first time can be a bit overwhelming. Most people who are new to the world of CBD do not go for it. This is because the device requires some level of expertise or basic know-how when operating it. Additionally, there are cleaning and maintenance procedures that should be taken into consideration. However, dabbing stations are still very popular for many users. In the recent past, more people are investing in new dabbing accessories and tools to come up with some original dab stations.

There are dozens of pieces that attach to form the dab station. Every piece has a particular function, so you have to identify what you are specifically aiming to achieve. 

Dab stations are preferred by most users because they give a more intense and bigger hit. To make it even better, you can add many tools to your station to make it more efficient. These creative dab tools also increase your station’s diversity in terms of the products you can use them for.

Dab Station Basics

Although a dab station may look a bit complicated, it is really quite simple. If you have ever used a bong, you will catch up in no time. While you use a bowl when using a bong, a dab station uses a nail. Also, the two have a slight difference at the joint between the receptacle and the tube. Dab rigs bend at a 90-degree angle compared to a 45-degree angle on a bong.

The major parts of a dab station include a nail (banger), a water pipe, and a dab tool. In most cases, a torch is also essential because it burns the ingredients more efficiently than a lighter. If your station does not have one, you can get one almost anywhere. 

A dabbing tool is a long object with a sharp end used for picking up a dab and applying it to the extremely hot banger. It is heatproof to prevent you from getting burnt. Although dab stations come complete with a dab tool, you can get creative with some options that are available out there. Here are a few dab tools upgrade ideas for your dab station.

Creative Dab Tool

Most dab tools have a simple but functional design. However, others are made to stand out. If you are looking for a dab tool that is uniquely and creatively designed, you might want to try these creative dabbers. Their brilliant design looks just like everyday items such as pencils or keyholders, yet they are among the best dab tools in the market. Also, they have long designs that make it safer to apply your dab.

Not only do they look fancy, but they are also made from high-quality, durable materials, such as borosilicate glass. These materials can handle high temperatures without breaking under pressure. They can be good additions to your dabbing station.

Creative Dab Tool

An Electronic Nail (E-Nail)

For some people, using a lighter or torch to light your dabbing station’s banger can be tedious. To avoid this and put a little tech into your station, you can replace it with an electronic nail tool. This creative tool helps you eliminate the use of heavy-duty torches and open flames. 

It has been said that the dabbing nail operates effectively when it gets heated up to about 176 degrees Celsius. At this point, it melts the dab into vapor. An electric nail can easily reach this temperature by simply plugging it into a power source. It provides convenience and is very efficient too. 

Unlike the other methods of heating, it only takes a few seconds to produce enough heat to vaporize your dab. Adding this to your dabbing station makes it more efficient and adds a touch of elegance.

Vapor Dome

Using a domed banger without a dome can result in the dissipation of vapor and consequent waste of your dab. Vapor domes are essential creative tools that trap the vapor and direct it to an opening where you can enjoy it. If you are looking for a more creative or fancier dome for your dabbing station, you can opt for one of the models made from dichroic glass. Others feature iconic pop culture personalities that can add fun to your dabbing experience.

Assorted Dab Tool Kit

For dabbing enthusiasts who do not want to be limited to just one dab tool, this is one of the best options. The dab tool kit has a wide range of assorted dabbers that enables you to dab all kinds of concentrates at will. For instance, some of the dab tools are stainless steel combination models. 

They may have various tips for different uses, such as the flat tip, scoop, spearhead, curved tip, hook, arrow tip, and paddle, to name a few. These creative dab tool kits are very handy. They come in a portable nylon case that is water-repellent and has mesh pockets to hold and protect your essential dab tools.

Assorted Dab Tool Kit

Dab Station Cleaning Kit

One of the most important aspects of dabbing is keeping your dabbing station spotlessly clean. This ensures it works efficiently and prolongs its life. Experienced users recommend cleaning your dabbing station after every use. This is particularly true for the nail and the dabbing tool since they come in direct contact with the dab. 

One of the best ways to thoroughly clean your dabbing kit is by rubbing alcohol on the parts and accessories. This helps to get rid of all the sticky residue. Use cotton balls and swabs because you want to clean even those hard-to-reach areas of your dabbing station. Always be on the lookout for new and effective cleaning tools to get the best dabbing experience.

Final Thoughts

When looking to invest in creative dab tools for your dabbing station, you should have a clear idea of which experiences you wish to enhance. Then, do some research on the dab tools, focusing on their cost, quality, and durability. 

Finding dab tools for your dabbing station should be a walk in the park. You can easily find dab rigs, bongs, dabbing kits, accessories, and more at kingspipes.com. If you find the right fit with some good reviews, do not hesitate to make the purchase.

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