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How Does a Reclaim Catcher Help You and Your Dab Rig

Reclaim Catcher

Dab rigs are an increasingly popular way to smoke concentrates, but they can be a bit finicky. A reclaim catcher is a handy tool that helps you collect the residue from your dab rig so that you can reuse it. In this post, we'll discuss how a reclaim catcher works and why you might want to use one with your dab rig.

What is a Reclaim Catcher and how does it work?

A reclaim catcher is a specially designed component that is used to prevent loss of reclaim (a liquid mixture composed largely of terpenes and cannabinoids). Reclaim catchers are typically installed into rigs with dome less nails, allowing reclaim to collect on the reclaim catcher instead of ending up all over the dabbing surface. When reclaim accumulates in the reclaim catcher, it can be easily collected and potentially re-used without having to endure too much mess or hassle in the process. Besides collecting reclaim, reclaim catchers also protect your rig from clogging as well as promote cleaner, tastier hits. All in all, reclaim catchers prove to be a very practical device for those who enjoy using their rigs and want to maintain their dabbing experience!

The benefits of using a reclaim catcher

Reclaimers are an invaluable tool for any vaporizer enthusiast looking to save money and reduce waste. By attaching to a dab rig, they collect the reclaim—or re-usable concentrate residue—that accumulates in the stem of a water pipe, allowing the user to scrape it out and re-use it. Not only does reclamation help to reduce waste and costs associated with purchasing concentrates, but reclaimer-ready dab rigs also come equipped with additional features that make cleaning easier than ever before. With this technology, users can achieve greater levels of efficiency and get more out of their concentrates without having to worry about wasting precious material or having a messy workspace. If you’re looking for an efficient way to enjoy your favorite concentrates without breaking the bank, investing in a reclaim catcher is an excellent choice.

How to use a reclaim catcher with your dab rig

Using a dab rig is an increasingly popular way to enjoy concentrates such as wax and oils. Reclaim catchers can be used in dab rigs to reduce mess, waste and residue buildup from dabbing. With just a few easy steps, you can easily install a reclaim catcher onto your dab rig so that more of your precious concentrates have the chance to be used rather than wasted. Commonly, these attachments come with a two-piece design; the first piece fits the dab rig joint, while the second glass attachment includes a bowl or reservoir that captures reclaim. Alongside this simple setup, many dabbers opt for adding accessories such as an ash catcher or splatter guard which further improves overall dabbing experience.

Tips for cleaning your dab rig and reclaim catcher

Cleaning your dab rig can be a challenge, but with a few easy steps, you'll have it looking as good as new. Ideally, the first step should be to rinse out any reclaim build-up and debris from the rig. You can use rubbing alcohol or vinegar to break down oil residue inside the glass and increase efficacy of cleaning. Additionally, using a metal brush for grime buildup on harder exterior surfaces can help bring back the original shine. Remember, don't forget to flush out any excess and hidden product with hot water before starting the drying process! As for reclaim catchers, place them in isopropyl alcohol and salt to dissolve concentrates then rinse each component with warm water. Whether it's your rig or reclaim catcher, regular maintenance will keep them performing optimally and make for a more enjoyable dabbing experience.

The importance of regular maintenance for your dab rig

Regular maintenance of one's dab rig is essential for ensuring maximum performance and longevity. The process begins with cleaning, which should be done each time you use the device to remove any leftovers of previous wax concentrates or debris. Replacing worn-out equipment and replacing them with higher quality materials can also enhance your rig’s performance. Additionally, regular check-ups are recommended, allowing users to identify potential problems in components like percolators, joint seals, and other seals at early stages. Such preventative measures can help avoid further damage in addition to saving money by keeping costly repairs to a minimum. Investing small amounts of time regularly into your dab rig's maintenance can provide big rewards in terms of its performance over the long term.


With the increasing popularity of dabbing, reclaim catchers are becoming essential for preserving and efficiently using dabs. They’re easy to use and maintain, letting you keep your dab rig clean, quick to use, and always ready with fresh concentrate. Reclaim catchers bring an added measure of safety due to their ability to catch dropped material while adding a level of customization compared to splash guards or screens. As a key part of any dab setup, they help you get the most out of your concentrates while making cleaning up after yourself easier and less messy. Remember, regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring your investment holds its value over time. Taking proper care of your dab rigs and reclaim catchers will ensure that you have the best dabbing experience possible each session.

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