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How to Choose the Right Glass Bubbler

When choosing a Glass Bubbler there are a lot of different aspects to consider. Since there are such a large variety of glass bubblers available, shopping for one can sometimes be a daunting task. To help make it easier when shopping for a bubbler, we recommend keeping three factors in mind. What you want to take into consideration is the size, price, and design of the glass bubbler. Although there are other factors to consider when shopping for a bubbler, we believe these are the most important to ensure you find the right one just for you.

Glass Bubbler

Bubbler Size

First things first, you need to decide on how big of a bubbler you want. If you are looking to take it on the go and travel with your bubbler, we recommend something small and cheap. Let’s be honest, when traveling with glass things are bound to go wrong. Having a small bubbler helps make it easier to carry and gives it a less likelihood of breaking. On the other hand, if you know that this bubbler will have a permanent seat in your home, you may want to get something bigger with more water filtration and a smoother smoke. Bubbler sizes range greatly so it can be hard to determine what is just the perfect size for you. If you are looking for a small bubbler, we recommend anything from 4 to 6 inches. This size bubbler is good for travel and still a good size to provide a nice smoke. If you want a big bubbler we recommend anything from 6 to 10 inches in length. These are what you would consider big bubblers and they provide extra water filtration. Although there are bubblers well over 10 inches tall we would not necessarily recommend them. If you are looking for a water pipe at that height, it is preferred by most smokers to go with a bong which is more convenient to use for a water pipe that tall.

Bubbler Price

The price range on glass bubblers is about as wide as the Grand Canyon. The price range for bubblers start at about $10 and those are the cheapest bubblers you will find. A lot of standard, generic bubblers start at $10 and go up to about $40 or $50. Beyond that are a lot of name brand bubblers such as GRAV, Marley Natural, and others that have beautifully crafted bubblers running in the $100 to $200 range. These bubblers are top of the line and are made very nicely with awesome craftsman work. Even further beyond that are one-off bubblers or heady bubblers that can run anywhere from $300 to $1000 plus. Glass blowers such as Scoz Glass lead the way in this category by producing hand blown glass art pieces that look absolutely spectacular and function as water pipes as well.

When choosing how much you want to pay for your bubbler, you need to figure out the quality you would like. Bubblers under $20 are usually good and reliable, but are not necessarily top of the line. These bubblers always work well and are great for smoking out of, but they are not necessarily made of the thickest glass. If you want to ensure great glasswork with thick glass, you may have to drop an extra penny for a name branded bubbler. Brands such as GRAV, Nucleus, and Empire Glassworks have beautifully crafted bubblers that retail at a very fair price. When you buy a name brand bubbler at KingsPipes.com you can be sure you are receiving a quality product. Here at Kings Pipes, we only carry the highest quality glass pipe brands to ensure our customers receive the best products possible. If you have more money in bank and want to spend $300 plus, you can splurge on a high end bubbler. These bubblers look amazing and usually function just as good as they look. As mentioned above, these are typically heady glass bubblers or themed glass bubblers with lots of design and colors implemented into them. Glass bubblers of this caliber can be appreciated by anyone and can stay in your glass collection forever.

Bubbler Design

Classic Glass BubblerMini Bubbler BongHammer Glass Bubbler

The last factor you need to consider when buying a glass bubbler is the design. The different designs of bubblers include classic upright bubblers, hammer bubblers, recycler bubblers, and mini bong bubblers. To be honest, all bubblers have the same function which is to provide water filtration so the design of a bubbler is just up to your preference. Upright bubblers have that nostalgic look and are considered to be the classic style of bubbler. The design on these makes for good function and minimum water splash since any extra water uptake is diverted with the long shaft neck. Hammer bubblers, as they sound, literally have the design of a hammer construction tool. These bubblers are like spoon pipes with a water chamber attached on the underside of the smoking bowl. Recycler bubblers are best for keeping the water splash down. These have a more complex design than other simpler bubblers so can be a little more expensive. The last bubbler design is mini bubbler bongs. These are little bongs shaped like bubblers that are a hybrid of both. With these mini bong bubblers, you truly get the best of both worlds!

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