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How to Clean Your Water Pipe with Rubbing Alcohol and Kosher Salt

Cleaning a glass hand pipe or water pipe with rubbing alcohol and kosher salt is the easiest and cheapest way to have your pipe looking brand new. Although there are many different liquid glass pipe cleaners on the market, they are typically very expensive and only do as good, if not worse, than alcohol and salt. In fact, many liquid pipe cleaners actually use alcohol and salt as the main ingredients in their mix. All they do is add a few other chemicals along to their pipe cleaner, then jack the price up for customers. Do not fall for it!

rubbing alcohol
kosher salt

There are literally just two things you need to clean your pipe; isopropyl rubbing alcohol and kosher salt. Luckily for you, both of these ingredients are available at almost any local grocery store. It should be noted that isopropyl rubbing alcohol is found at dollar stores and other cheap convenient markets as well, however, it is typically more diluted than more expensive rubbing alcohol found in regular grocery stores. Make sure the rubbing alcohol you get to clean your pipe is at least 70% pure. As for kosher salt, that is also pretty easy to find at grocery stores and is cheap as well. Together, you can buy a box of kosher salt and bottle of rubbing alcohol for under $10 total and it will last you for months. Just one more FYI though, do not use regular granular salt. Kosher salt works best to clean your pipe because of the thickness of the grain and is super important when cleaning your pipe. Regular granular salt will not work the same.

Cleaning your Pipe or Water Pipe

-The four easy steps

• Pour rubbing alcohol and kosher salt in pipe chamber
• Cover all exterior holes
• Shake 5-10 minutes
• Rinse with hot water

Once you have your isopropyl alcohol and kosher salt you are ready to clean your hand pipe or water pipe. Whether your cleaning a hand pipe, bubbler, dab rig, or bong, all processes are simple and pretty much the same. First, you pour kosher salt and rubbing alcohol into the pipe chamber. You want to make sure that there is a lot of kosher salt in the pipe so the mixture is pretty thick. Then you just cover up any exterior holes with your fingers, and start shaking! As you start shaking the rubbing alcohol will begin to eat away at any leftover resin in the pipe and the kosher salt will help scrape it off the interior of the glass. Typically shaking for about 5 minutes should clean your pipe depending on how dirty it is. If you have trouble getting resin spots off your pipe, try putting hot water in your pipe, then repeating the shaking process with salt and alcohol. After shaking around for a while and getting all the resin off your pipe, rinse it out with hot water. After rinsing with hot water, you should be done and ready to get it dirty again! Though it is a little easier (and messier) said than done, cleaning your water pipe is a fairly easy and cheap process. After a couple times, you will be pro at it! *Please note if you are cleaning a bong or dab rig, you will want to make sure to remove any accessories from the pipe such as down stems, bowl pieces, nails, or bangers. This will help prevent breakage for the accessories. *

How to Clean Your Water Pipe
How to Clean Your Water Pipe
How to Clean Your Water Pipe
How to Clean Your Water Pipe
How to Clean Your Water Pipe

If you are looking for the best quality rubbing alcohol and salt to clean your pipe with, than look no further! We have got you covered with an awesome cleaning bundle brought to you by the people over at Nucleus. The kit includes a 16oz bottle of 99% pure rubbing alcohol, thick grain rock salt, and a bundle of barbed pipe cleaners. It will get your pipe or bong looking brand new in no time at all! You can find it here in our store. 

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