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How to Use a Bong

glass bong

First you want to make sure your bong has everything needed for smoking. Most bongs typically come with a pull out down stem and bowl slide. You need to make sure you have these when using your bong.

Second you need to fill your bong up with water. The amount of water you put in a bong varies depending on the shape and height of the bong, but generally speaking, you want to put enough water in your bong so that the bottom of your down stem is submerged. By doing this, when you inhale through the bong, the air will pass through the water for extra filtration and create a bubbling effect.

Once your bong is all ready to go, you just need to load the bowl with material. It is best to use a grinder to get your material finer so that it smokes and burns better. So, after grinding up your buds or essential herbs, you fill the bowl slide with the material. After that, you are officially ready to use your bong!

Now that your bong is ready and the bowl is loaded, you simply light your bowl and start to inhale from the top of the bong. As you start to inhale you will slowly see the bong start to fill up with smoke. Once the chamber of the bong is filled with smoke, you pull out the bowl slide and continue to inhale. This will clear all the smoke out of the bong and provide you with a good hit.

Overall, using a bong is simple, easy, and one of the best for smoking. They provide water filtration and allow users to take bigger hits than out of a pipe. If you are looking to shop for a bong online see our collection here!

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fast shipping but wrong size

It's alright kinda getd dabs in your mouth

It's alright

Thank you very much for your review


Thank you very much for your review


Simply perfect

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