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How to Use a Joint Roller

Using a rolling machine makes the process much easier compared to rolling by hand. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use a joint roller.

Step 1

The first thing you must do is open your joint roller so you can load the material in there. This is easy to do, and you just simply pull apart the two sides.

Raw Joint Roller Rolling MachineRaw Joint Roller Rolling Machine

Step 2

Once your rolling machine is open, you load the material in the middle. Be sure to use a good amount of material, but at the same time do not over pack it.

Raw Joint Roller Rolling Machine

Step 3

Close the rolling machine back and begin rolling the two cylinders towards you to start getting the material into the right mold.

Raw Joint Roller Rolling Machine

Step 4

Now that your material is all rolled up, you put the tip of the rolling paper into the machine with the sticky side on top and begin slowly turning the two cylinders towards you again. Once the rolling paper is almost fully into the machine, lick the sticky part to ensure it stays together and continue rolling.

Raw Joint Roller Rolling MachineRaw Joint Roller Rolling Machine

Step 5

Your done! If you did everything correctly you should have a nice hand rolled cigarette or “joint”. All you do is open your rolling machine and you should be good to smoke!

Raw Joint Roller Rolling MachineRaw Joint Roller Rolling Machine

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  • I think I’m going to need practise. Do you sell these machines?


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