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Most Popular Glass Pipes of 2019

With the year coming to an end, we decided to go through and make a list of the most popular glass pipes of 2019. Glass pipes are one of the most used smoking devices in the industry today and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. They are super easy and convenient to use and are generally cheaper than other smoking devices such as bongs, bubblers, and other water pipes.

Our list of the top 10 most popular glass pipes we assembled includes different types of glass pipes that are available in our store. Our list ranges greatly in design, size, price, and overall looks. The pipes are listed at random and are in no particular order of popularity or importance. Check below to see for yourself the most popular glass pipes of 2020 from our store.

#1 3" Travel Glass Hand Pipe

3" Travel Glass Hand Pipe

The 3” travel pipe has been a hit in our store since day one. It has been available in our online headshop since we have opened and it continues to be one our best-selling glass pipes. It is a very popular pipe because it is convenient to use, it has a cheap price, and there is a buy 2 get 1 deal.

As the name suggests, it is a small pipe that is ideal for travel. You can easily carry this in your pocket or bag without any inconvenience. It also has a low price point so if you happen to break or lose the pipe it is not that big of deal compared to more expensive ones. The best part about this pipe though is the buy 2 get 1 free deal. If you check out with 2 of these pipes in your cart, you will automatically receive a 3rd pipe in your order that is free of charge. Overall, that is 3 pipes for only $13.98! 

#2 Rasta Stripe Glass Pipe 4"

Rasta Stripe Glass Pipe 4"

The Rasta stripe 4” glass pipe combines classic colors with a classic design to make a timeless hand pipe. Right away when looking at this pipe you can see it has a simple spoon design that can be appreciated by all smokers. Spoon pipes in general are some of the most popular glass pipes on the market because of their classic, elegant design. It also includes Rasta colors to make a nice stripe down the middle of the pipe. The Rasta stripe accented with blue colors gives this pipe an awesome look. Although the design and colors of this pipe already make it a hit, the most prominent feature of this glass pipe is the huge bowl it is equipped with. The bowl on this pipe is one of the biggest in our store so it ensures you can pack the maximum amount of material! 

#3 Glow In The Dark Glass Pipe 4"

Glow In The Dark Glass Pipe 4"

Our glow in the dark 4” pipe is one of the most popular glass pipes we carry because, well, it glows in the dark! This is always a cool pipe to use with friends as it is sure to impress. The pipe almost works like a solar light by absorbing light in the day to glow at night. This is a great pipe for around Halloween and holidays alike because of its cool glow in the dark theme. The glow of the pipe actually has some benefits besides just looking cool. If you are ever stuck having to smoke in the dark, this pipe can help you see where to pack the material and where to light it.

#4 Standing Cactus Chillum Pipe

Standing Cactus Chillum

This cactus chillum was not only the most popular chillum in our store for 2019, but it was actually one of the most popular hand pipes in general. This chillum combines cool glass work with a very reasonable price point. Typically, themed glass pipes like this chillum are very expensive and can run up to $50 or $60. At only $25, this cool themed glass chillum is very affordable. It is truly hard to find awesome looking glass pipes like this at such a reasonable price. Another reason why it was so popular is because it was nice to use. The glass arms of the cactus make the chillum easy to hold on to, so it feels very comfortable when using. 

#5 Pink Dichro Glass Pipe

Pink Dichro Glass Pipe

The pictures of the pink dichro glass pipe really don’t do it justice. The glass on this pipe is very thick and heavy for a pipe of its size. When you hold it in your hand, you can really feel how sturdy it is. Not only is the glass very thick, but it also looks beautiful. It is pink and blue fumed and has a very cool dichro swirl wrapping around the pipe. The longer this pipe gets used, the more it will start to change colors. Brand new the pipe looks pink, but over time the pipe will go blue, then turn to a dark purple color.

#6 Empire Glassworks Blue Sea Glass Spoon

Empire Glassworks Blue Sea Glass Spoon

Empire Glassworks has a reputation for making some of the highest quality themed bongs, dab rigs, bubblers, and hand pipes in the smoking industry today. They have been in the game for many years and are one of the most popular glass makers around. The design of their products and quality of their glass is top notch and rivaled by very few. With that being said, you can probably guess why this Blue Sea glass spoon pipe was one of the most popular pipes in our store for 2019. This glass pipe is truly a piece of artwork. It has tons of little glass trinkets on it that make the pipe almost look like a little coral reef. It is littered with glass sea creatures and plants such as fish, an octopus, a sea horse, and many other things. It has more detail than just about any other glass pipe on the market. Although this pipe is highly priced, it is still well worth the money. The glass work on this pipe is so beautiful it can easily be considered a collectible.

#7 Bougie Glass Baseball Bat Pipe

Bougie Glass Baseball Bat Pipe

Bougie Glass came out with this baseball bat pipe last year, and it has been hitting home runs ever since. They truly hit it out of the park with this one! 😂 Ok, puns aside, this really is cool looking baseball themed glass pipe. It has a pretty big chamber for a hand pipe and the design of it makes it hit almost like a little steam roller. The mouthpiece on this one is made with really thick glass so it makes for a nice feel when using. Of course, if you are into baseball then this pipe is probably up your alley!

#8 Blue Sherlock Glass Pipe

Blue Sherlock Glass Pipe

Like the 3” travel pipe listed above, this blue Sherlock glass pipe has been in our inventory since the first day we opened. Although this pipe has been a big hit in our head shop since day one, this year was a breakout year for this pipe as it soared in popularity. We can definitely see why too. This pipe is one of the thickest glass pipes in our store and literally almost weighs half a pound. It also has a super cool, deep blue color that seems to be a fan favorite. It is also similar to the Rasta stripe pipe listed above in regards to the bowl. The bowl size on this Sherlock pipe is really big so you can load up lots of material. Another cool feature about this pipe is that is has little glass knobs on the underside of it so the pipe is able to stand upright. This may not seem like a big deal, but if you have ever smoked from a Sherlock pipe that does not stand upright you will know what I am talking about. It can be annoying because if it does not stand up, then material falls out of the bowl when you put it down. Luckily, with this Sherlock glass pipe you do not need to worry about that.

#9 Stranger Demon Glass Pipe

Stranger Demon Glass Pipe

This was a big year for the Stranger Demon themed glass pipe. This was hands down one our most popular themed glass pipes all year. This pipe is awesome because it is discreet, looks cool, and provides a good smoke. One cool and unique feature about this glass pipe is that it actually does not even look like a pipe. If you stand it up right, it literally just looks like a glass sculpture that is a collectible. It can pass as a collectible because the glass detail is really nice on it. From top to bottom the glass is carefully crafted and made to perfection. Overall, it is a very nicely made pipe. Not only does it look cool though, but it also hits like a champ! This pipe is pretty big and measures about 6 inches from top to bottom. This provides nice and big hits for users who smoke out of this.

#10 Diamond Glass Sherlock Hand Pipe

Diamond Glass Sherlock Hand Pipe

Last on our list, but not least, is the Diamond Glass Sherlock pipe. Although this glass pipe was only added to our store earlier this year, it quickly became one of our best selling items. This glass pipe by Diamond is a beautifully crafted to look like an old school tobacco smoking pipe. It is offered in three different colors to help fit a variety of user preferences. It comes in mint green, all black, or gold fumed. Diamond Glass is a very popular brand in general so it is no surprise here that this Sherlock pipe easily became a quick favorite. The quality glass work and design of Diamond Glass products stand above the rest and this pipe is absolutely no different.


These pipes listed are just the most popular glass pipes in our store. If you would like to see our full selection please visit our Glass Pipes. For cheap glass pipes priced under $20 click here Cheap Glass Pipes


  • Stranger demon is hands down the best! May be a little biased because I like the show so much, but it actually works really good too! I got one for me a while ago and then just got one for my friend too recently. Definitely one of my all time favorite pipes.

  • great read

    Roy Werner
  • My favorite is the empire sea pipe!


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