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Picking the Best Rolling Papers

Picking the Best Rolling Papers

Rolling a joint is an important skill for many, but choosing the right rolling papers can bring your skill level from average to amazing. Which papers are right for you will depend on your skill level and your style, as well as your preferences. For instance, do you want papers that are easy to use? Or would you rather spend a bit more time working with them to get a good smoke? Do you like a cone or a straighter joint? Whether this is a new skill for you, or you are an expert at rolling joints and want an upgrade from the usual ones, knowing more about the different kinds of papers will help you keep up.

How Were Rolling Papers Used in the Past?

Rolling papers have been around for a long time, and they have a highly interesting lineage. It is thought that the history of these papers can go back to Alexandro Rizlette de Cramptone Lacroix, whose descendants would eventually begin a rolling papers company. In 1532, Alexandro swapped a champagne bottle for some rolling papers that soldiers from France had brought back from Spain. After he traded for the papers, he then copied the design to make his own papers. This is why people believe that the papers were created in Spain and popularized by the French.

Lacroix’s family then began to produce the papers in mass quantities in 1736. The company had a contract with Napoleon. Then, in 1865, it changed the formula to also use rice paper. The company continued to produce papers for centuries, and it sold its products in the United States and Europe. By 1942, the company patented its method of applying gum to the papers’ edges. That made it much easier to seal the cones, so they would stay closed during use. 

Since that time, the basic method of making rolling papers has not changed that much. Companies use combinations of flax, pulp, hemp, and/or rice to make a variety of papers. Today, many consumers look for organic and non-GMO papers, so they can try to have the smoothest experience possible. 

What Are Your Options

What Are Your Options?

Rolling papers are often around 2.75 to 4.33 inches long, and they can also come in several widths, depending on your goals. Some are thicker, and others can come in longer sizes. The glue, length, and size will influence how well the papers burn. You can also choose from bleached and unbleached paper. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Rolling Papers?

As you think about the papers that you want to use, you should consider a few things, such as how good you are at working with your fingers. Think about the size of the joint you want to roll and the amount of ash there should be. If you are outside, a lot of ash would not necessarily be an issue. But if you are indoors, you might want to keep that at a minimum. 

If using your papers with others is your thing, you should try to be more patient and learn about the techniques that go into rolling a joint before looking at the fancier, thinner papers. The thinner ones can be harder to work with, and you run the risk of accidentally ripping it when you are rolling it. Your friends might like to use the papers with you, but it is a good idea to get in some practice before volunteering to roll.

Natural Hemp Papers

Hemp papers are a natural choice. Because they are easy to use and very sturdy, these are a good option if you are wanting to use something besides the traditional wood pulp ones. Hemp papers are mildly flavored, and many people enjoy their taste. Plus, the hemp plant grows quickly and is good for the soil it grows in. These plants are efficient when it comes to space, so hemp papers might be more sustainable than traditional papers. 

Some people like to use organic rolling papers for a classic smoke. Look for hemp that is sustainably harvested. These papers often offer even and slow burns. For example, some come with stop lines to ensure that the burn is pleasing. 

Natural Hemp Papers

Rice Papers

If you have medium rolling skills, you might want to try rice papers. They are thinner and more delicate, so it is more like choosing a professional-grade product. However, many people find that they burn smoothly and have a tidy look once you get the hang of using them. They do not burn too quickly, and they offer a clean taste.

If you are new to using rolling papers, you might want to look for ones that are about as thick as hemp papers, which can offer the same experience as rice ones but are easier to use. 

Extremely Thin Rolling Papers 

If you are great at rolling and you want to really expand your skills, look for extra-thin papers. As long as you think that you can manipulate the thin papers, these can be a fun challenge. There are several materials that might go into this kind of paper, but the idea is that the paper will be as unobtrusive as possible. 

These are a good option if you do not want to have as much ash. However, these papers can be a bit more difficult to use than other options, especially since there is more of a risk of accidentally tearing them. That’s why these are recommended once you have a bit more experience. But all it takes is a bit of practice to get a perfect roll every time. Some of the extra-thin rolling papers are made from rice paper.

Closing Thoughts 

It can be hard to pick out the perfect rolling papers, especially since there are so many out there. But knowing a bit more about your options will help you decide which ones might best suit your skill level. Don’t be afraid to get several types of paper to see which ones you like the best.


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