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Product Review: Solid Frit Pipe & Glow Pipe

Product Review: Solid Frit Pipe & Glow Pipe

glow in the dark glass hand pipeSolid Frit Glass Hand Pipe

A couple weeks ago we sent two of our best hand pipes over to the good people at Natural Reviews 4 U to test them out see what they thought. We sent over our 4” Spoon Glow in the Dark Pipe as well as our Solid Frit Glass Pipe 4". After thoroughly inspecting and using both pipes, they let us know what their thoughts on each one was. Below is a summary of the reviews that were written for both pipes. You can find the original reviews at naturalreviews4u.co.


Solid Frit 4” Glass Pipe

Solid Frit Glass Pipe

The first glass pipe they decided to test out was the solid 4" glass frit pipe. They received the pipes in the middle of the day and wanted to wait until dark to see what the glow pipe has to offer. Their first impression of the frit pipe was that it was heavy duty glass and felt solid when holding it in your hand. They were also happy with the color and design of the pipe. In their review they go on to say, “The solid frit glass pipe is a stunning addition to anyone's glass collection, we absolutely love the design of this pipe, it has a pretty good sized bowl as well as a nice sized rush hole.” Although they were happy with the pipe overall, they did mention there is a possible con with the pipe. They go on to say, “The only thing we could say that could be considered a con is if you are not a fan of the heavier thicker glass look. But this would all come down to personal preference and nothing to do with the quality of the pipe.” Despite that last mention, we are very happy to report they rated our pipe 5.0 out of 5.0. We must say we do agree with the verdict. This is one of more heavy duty pipes in our collection and is a great deal for the price. For more info on the frit pipe, you can check the product page for it here

Glow in the Dark Glass Pipe 4”

Glow in the Dark Glass Pipe

As we mentioned, the second pipe they reviewed was our themed glow in the dark pipe. This is a cool 4-inch spoon pipe with a standard design that is all white during the day, and glows in the dark at night time. They were pretty curious about this pipe previously and were happy to try it out. The first thing they noticed is even during the daylight, the pipe is still very nice looking. They wrote in their review, “This glass pipe glows in the dark when exposed to light, but even during the day when not glowing in the dark it still looks beautiful.” Although it was a little bit tinier than the first pipe they reviewed, they still thought the pipe worked well and hit smoothly. As for the glow effect on the pipe, they were really satisfied with that and thought the glow on the pipe was awesome. They said, “Every time you see a glow in the dark pipe on the web they usually have this cheap look about it. The pictures on the website really don't do it justice of how beautiful this pipe is.” Although they were generally happy with the glow effect of the pipe, they did mention it was a little bit of a hassle the way it works. In order for the pipe to glow, it must absorb light. So unfortunately, if you have it put away in a dark place, it will not work correctly. Despite that little flaw in the pipe, we are happy to announce this pipe got a 5-star rating just as the other one did. If you want to see more information on this glow pipe, you can go ahead and visit the product page here.

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very nice piece would recommend but one fault I’ve found is it hits like a gravity and if ya wait a second to long the smoke goes stale so definitely 9/10 and the ice tray is an amazing addition

Perfect for the cost

Only negative thing i can say is after about 3-4 dabs it seems to clog up in the showerhead. May be just me loading too much at a time. Refill your rig with hot tap water and your back running like new

Good little piece

Shipped quick fits my needa. My local shop has been closed for 2 months got tored of waiting and found this so ordered it. Side note had i waited for the shop to open this piece prob wouldve been almost double what King Pipes charges. Great buy will b back for more

Decent Rig, but unsure

It’s a decent rig for the price! Good to start out without breaking any bank but to be fair, I don’t necessarily like the nail and dome method. It’s why it’s 3 stars instead of 4. However, I bought one with a banger just to give it a fair shot (which removes the money I was trying to save, but I’m curious lol) since i had no luck finding a banger that fits this one around me. Will post that review when I get my hands on it eventually.

Great product!

This reclaim catcher is wonderful. it takes a while to build up but it catches everything that makes it far enough. i’m in love with this things. keeps my bong so much cleaner for a long time.