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Sneaking a Smoke: How to Hide Your Smoking from Family and Friends

how to hide your smoking

Many smokers have a dilemma about smoking around their family and friends. Are there ways to hide your smoking from family and friends? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the best ways to hide your smoking without having to quit altogether.

Use Air Fresheners

One of the easiest ways to cover up the smell of cigarette or herb smoke is by using air fresheners. Spraying an air freshener before entering a room or car will help mask any lingering odor. Be careful not to overdo it with the air freshener, as too much may be suspicious. Additionally, many people are sensitive to strong scents, so be sure to choose one that is subtle and won’t overwhelm anyone in the room.

Change Your Clothes

If you don’t want anyone knowing that you smoke, changing clothes after a smoke break is essential. Not only will this help get rid of any lingering odors on your clothing, but it also eliminates telltale signs like ash or tobacco stains. If possible, try changing out of your work clothes entirely when you go for a smoke break — this ensures that nothing from your cigarettes or herbs gets onto them in the first place.

Don’t Smoke Around Non-Smokers

One of the best ways to hide your smoking from family and friends is by limiting where you smoke. If you know that certain people don’t approve of smoking, avoid lighting up around them altogether. This includes both indoors and outdoors — even if someone is outside with you while you smoke, they may still be able to smell it on your clothes when you come back inside. Additionally, make sure not to leave any evidence behind — always dispose of butts or roaches properly and never leave them lying around outside or in ashtrays indoors.

Hide it on Your Breath

One problem that comes with smoking is you can smell it on your breath after you are done. Being equipped with chewing gum or mouth mints is essential for this and can be a life saver. Other good things to use are lollipops or mouth spray. Just generally speaking, you want to have something to eliminate the smell of smoke on your breath.

Be Discrete

If you are trying to be discrete when smoking you most likely want to use a little pipe such as a chillum or small hand pipe. You definitely do not want to be carrying around a large bong with you, as that is very obvious.

Play it Cool

Lets not lie, it can sometimes be a trip when you are the only smoker around a bunch of sober people. The key to this is playing it cool. Do not act like you have just smoked when you go to see your family, it will be a dead giveaway.


Hiding smoking from family and friends isn’t easy — but it can be done! By following these tips, smokers can enjoy their habit without worrying about judgement or disapproval from those around them. Remember not to overdo it with air fresheners or use too much perfume or cologne after a smoke break; these measures are meant to conceal any hint of smoking odors, not replace them with something more obvious! With some discretion and sensible precautions, smokers can enjoy their habit without ever being caught!

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