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Top 10 Best Bubbler Pipes

Best Bubbler Pipes

Bubbler pipes are a perfect hybrid between a bong and hand pipe. They provide the portability of a hand pipe while at the same time giving the user water filtration when smoking.

Bubbler pipes typically stand up right with a water chamber base and up shaft for the smoke to go through. Most measure 4 to 7 inches in height, however, that can vary depending on what type of bubbler you get. If you don’t have a bubbler pipe in your glass collection, we highly recommend getting one!

They are always great to have and are easy to use. See our recommendations below for the top 10 best bubbler pipes to get.

Mini 4” Bubbler Pipe

glass bubbler pipe

This is a small, basic bubbler pipe. Its small size makes this pipe a great travel companion that can easily fit in your pocket or bag. It is a mini bubbler and does not hold much water in its chamber, but it still provides water filtration that a standard hand pipe would not.

If you are on a budget when shopping, this bubbler pipe would be a great option for you. It is very affordable and will not break the bank.

See Mini Bubbler Pipe Here

Rasta Hammer Bubbler Pipe

Rasta Hammer Bubbler Pipe

This Rasta colored bubbler pipe does not have the traditional shape of a bubbler pipe, but instead has a hammer shape. This pipe still functions the same as other bubblers and also provides water filtration.

This has a classic Rasta color which is always appreciated by smokers. This bubbler pipe measures about 6 inches long and is made with sturdy glass.

See Rasta Hammer Bubbler Pipe Here

Pink Glow Hammer Bubbler Pipe

Pink Cute Glow in the Dark Hammer Bubbler Pipe

This is a great bubbler pipe for all the ladies out there. It is hammer shaped like the bubbler pipe above, and has great pink and white swirls throughout.

The really cool thing about this bubbler pipe though is that it glows in the dark! When you leave this bubbler pipe out in the light, it is able to absorb it and light up when it is dark.

It is about the same size of the Rasta bubbler pipe above and measures about 6 inches in length.

See Pink Glow Hammer Bubbler Pipe Here

6” Frit Bubbler Pipe

Rasta Frit Bubbler Pipe

This is a classic style bubbler pipe with classic colors. It is a 6 inch tall bubbler pipe with a bottom water chamber. It is adorned with a frit Rasta color design which makes for a great touch.

See Frit Bubbler Pipe Here

Clear Rasta Bubbler Pipe

clear rasta bubbler pipe

The design on this bubbler pipe is great. It has a big, tall water chamber and long neck piece. This helps to reduce the water splashing up when using the bubbler pipe.

It is mostly clear, so you are able to gage how much smoke is going through the pipe. This is a little bit of a taller bubbler pipe and stands about 7 inches tall.

See Clear Rasta Bubbler Pipe Here

Sake Bottle Bubbler Pipe

sake bottle bubbler pipe bong

Who wants some sake!? Well this bubbler pipe does not actually come with any, but it looks the bottle sake is typically served in. It is cool hybrid between a bong and bubbler pipe.

It is about 7 inches tall and is 2 inches in diameter. The glass on this bubbler pipe is very high quality and sturdy. This bubbler pipe has a pull-out bowl slide, making it similar to a bong. It has an all-clear glass finish for a nice and clean look.

See Sake Bottle Bubbler Pipe Here

Hot Sauce Bubbler Pipe

Empire Glass Works Hot Sauce Bubbler Pipe Bong

This hot sauce bubbler bong is a classic offering from Empire Glassworks. Like the sake bubbler pipe listed above, this is a bubbler and bong hybrid pipe. Empire Glassworks has some of the best glass available.

They are a local company based in Southern California and blow all of their own glass in house. Each piece comes with an Empire Glassworks authenticity tag. This hot sauce bubbler pipe is another beautifully crafted piece by them.

It is about 6 inches tall and looks like your favorite hot sauce bottle. This bubbler pipe also has a pull out 14mm bowl slide.

See Hot Sauce Bubbler Pipe Here

Eyce Hammer Bubbler Pipe

Eyce Silicone Hammer Bubbler Pipe

Are you tired of breaking your glass bubbler pipes? Well, this is the solution for you. This is a hammer style bubbler pipe that is made of all silicone with a glass bowl insert.

The bowl insert is fully protected by silicone, so you do not have to worry about any broken glass with this one. This is a good size pipe that is about 7 inches in length and 4 inches tall. There are a lot of different color ways for this pipe so there are many options to choose from.

The bottom of this bubbler detaches so you can easily get inside the chamber for cleaning. As you could image, this bubbler is the best bubbler pipe on our list for traveling. You can be rough with this pipe without having to worry about it breaking.

See Eyce Hammer Bubbler Pipe Here

Clear Swirl Doubbler Pipe

glass double chamber bubbler pipe

This doubbler water pipe is one of the most underrated bubblers on this list. They are generally not as popular as single chamber bubbler pipes, but that is starting to change.

These bubbler pipes provide double water filtration which makes for a smoother smoking experience. Although doubblers are typically more expensive than single chamber bubbler pipes, they are worth the price.

This doubbler in particular is a mini doubbler and stands just about 4 inches tall. It is mostly clear with color accent swirls. If you are looking to purchase your first doubbler this one would be a great start.  

See Clear Swirl Doubbler Pipe Here

Triple Chamber Bubbler Pipe

triple chamber bubbler pipe

This bubbler pipe has three water chambers for extra filtration. It provides super smooth hits when using and is made with thick glass. By having three water chambers, it makes using this bubbler pipe easy.

The extra water filtration makes it feel easy on your lungs while still getting good hits. This bubbler is all clear with sweet Rasta stripe swirls. This is a good size bubbler pipe and it measures about 6 inches in length and 5 inches in height.

If you are looking for a bubbler that functions good and provides extra water filtration, this one is for you.

See Triple Chamber Bubbler Pipe Here

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