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Top Girly Glass Bongs & Pipes

There are a lot of girly glass bongs, pipes, dab rigs, and other water pipes available that look stunningly beautiful. Cute and girly pipes catered towards women have been becoming increasingly popular and are now a staple in the industry. Even though all bongs are technically unisex bongs, the bongs and pipes below are especially geared towards women and are favorites among the ladies.  

Aurora Bud Vase Water Pipe Bong

girly glass water pipe bong

Is it a bong or a vase? It’s both! This water pipe bong by My Bud Vase is designed to look like a flower vase, but function like a bong. This beauty has an awesome rainbow color that is truly stunning and is shaped like a flower vase for the ultimate discretion. This bong can easily pass as a nice house decoration without a second guess. Although it may look like this bong is made of ceramic, it is actually made with thick, heavy duty glass. My Bud Vase produces a lot of great looking girly bongs and always produces the highest of quality. They are some of the most sought after girly bongs available and continue to produce beautiful looking water pipes. If you want a great bong that combines design with beauty than this is the one.

Fatty Bowl Glass Pipe

Girly Glass Pipe

This is a perfect spoon pipe for the ladies. It has great color, a big bowl, and is cheaply priced. The color on this pipe is pinked fumed with various stripe color options. The pink glass looks like a rose gold color and shines beautifully in the sun light. The bowl on this pipe is massive as the title suggest and is big enough to pack party bowls for all. The last reason this pipe is so great is because of the price. At only $17.99 this pipe is a steal! The quality and design on this pipe is spectacular and for that price you can not beat it.

Coconut Colada Mini Glass Bong

Girly Bubbler Bong

This girly bong by Empire Glassworks will bring you straight to paradise. It is filled with small details and great glass work that you will only get from an authentic Empire Glassworks pipe. As you can see by the pictures, this girly water pipe looks like a pina colada drink that utilizes a coconut for the cup. Like a real tropical drink, this bong also includes decorative fruit and an umbrella for extra flare. Although this bong may be a little pricey, you really get what you pay for. A lot of glass pipes with this much detail can easily have flaws when you look closely. We promise that is definitely not the case with this one. All of the added on glass trinkets on the pipe are hand made with precision detail. Empire produces all of their items in the US and makes sure to utilize only the best glass blowers. When you look at this water pipe in person you will not be disappointed with the quality.

GRAV Pebble Themed Spoon Glass Pipe

Girly Pipe

This is a cute and small little glass pipe made by Grav Labs. It comes is several different colors and you can get it in cute pink, blue, green, and several other colors. This little hand pipe is shaped little a flat pebble and feels nice when holding it in your hand. GRAV has awesome glass pipes and this one is made just like the rest. It combines high quality glass with great glass work.

Gold/Pink Fumed Bubbler 6"

Girly Glass Bubbler

This pink and gold fumed glass bubbler is a favorite among our girly glass pipes. It is a classic upright bubbler that stands about 6 inches tall. The color on this bubbler is a rose gold fume that is made with heavy glass. The bubbler has colored swirls on the chamber and shaft for an extra touch. This girly bubbler combines quality with a cheap price. This is a high quality bubbler that is cheaply priced and affordable. Classic bubblers have a great design that help prevent water splash from going all the way through the pipe. The design on this bubbler does just that so you can fill the chamber with lots of water and be sure the water will not go to the top.

If you would like to see more girly pipes you can shop our collection of girly bongs, girly glass pipes, girly dab rigs, and girly bubblers


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