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What are the Best Dabbing Accessories for Your Dab Rig?

what are the best dabbing accessories for your dab rig

If you have ever shopped for a dab rig online, then you know there are tons of different extras you can buy. There are many dabbing accessories and add-ons you can get to compliment your dab rig that make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Below is our list of the best dabbing accessories that you can get for your dab rig.

#1 - Quartz Banger

quartz banger

A quartz banger is the most common type of accessory for a dab rig. This item is needed in order to use your dab rig and this is where the essential oils are heated up and turned into smoke. Quartz bangers are “L” shaped with an over hanging glass bucket. The whole piece is made from quartz glass so it is able to withstand very high temperatures without cracking or breaking.

They typically attach to the dab rig at what is called the joint. The joint comes in 3 standard sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, and is either labeled female or male. A female joint banger overlaps the connecting joint on the dab rig, while a male joint banger sits inserted in the dab rig. There are also several different styles of quartz bangers including thermal quartz bangers, big bucket bangers, and more. Although these various styles have different designs, they all have the same basic function as a standard quartz banger.

#2 - Dab Nail with Dome

glass dab nail

A dab nail with a glass dome has the same function as a quartz banger which is described above. These are a cheaper alternative to quartz bangers and are not as highly regarded for some. These work great though and are still a good companion for any dab rig. The glass nail sits inside the dab rig and then the glass dome is placed around the nail. In order for it to work you must heat up the nail and drop your essential oils on it. The heat from the nail will turn your essential oil into smoke and the glass dome helps to keep the smoke from escaping.

#3 - Reclaim Catcher

reclaim catcher

Reclaim catchers are to dab rigs as ash catchers are to bongs. A reclaim catcher is an attachment piece that acts as a buffer and connects the quartz banger to the dab rig. It keeps your dab rig clean by collecting any wax reclaim that may escape the banger so it does not drip down into your dab rig and clog it up. Reclaim catchers do not require water so they do not add any filtration to the smoke. There are a variety of reclaim catcher designs that range from drop down reclaim catchers to the more standard reclaim catcher with a silicone dish attachment.

One issue with these are they carry a decent amount of weight and dab rigs tend to be small. This means it can be hard to pair up a reclaim catcher with a dab rig because it will either tip over the dab rig or just not fit onto the attachment all together. For this reason we recommend if you want to nicely pair them together to check out our selection of dab rig kits to see what works best. We have full dab rig kits with reclaim catchers available or you can also just look to see what a reclaim catcher what may look like on your dab rig if you already have one.

#4 - Dab Tool

metal dabbing tool

A dab tool is essential for dabbing and is used to drop your essential oil on either your quartz banger or dab nail. These come in several different materials, but the most common dab tools are either made of stainless steel or glass. The price range for dab tools varies greatly as you can get a cheap, basic dab tool, or a nice designer one. Designer dab tools are made from glass and are sometimes matched in theme with a certain dab rig. All in all, they are just used to transfer the essential oil on to the banger or dab nail.

#5 - Hand Torch

hand butane torch

A hand torch is another essential item used for dabbing. You need a torch to get your banger or dab nail hot enough to smoke your essential oils. A lighter will not work the same so for this process, so a torch is required. You are able to buy hand torches online, but the butane required to power them is typically not available due to shipping standards. Butane can be obtained at most standard smoke shops or also places like Home Depot where you can buy a torch with butane all in one go. When dabbing, a torch is absolutely mandatory.

#6 - Carb Cap

glass carb cap

A carb cap is the first item on our list besides a reclaim catcher that is not necessarily “required” for taking a dab. However, with that being said, we do highly recommend getting one if you don’t as they definitely enhance the dabbing experience. Carb caps work on quartz bangers and dab nails (with glass dome). They go over the top of the quartz banger and help to keep the smoke from the essential oils escaping. After dropping your essential oil to the quartz banger or nail, you cover it with the carb cap so the smoke does not escape out of it. These make sure you get the most out of your oil so none of it goes to waste.

#7 - Silicone Dab Jar

silicone dab jar

A silicone dab jar is perfect for holding any essential oil you have. They are non stick containers that work great and are easy to get everything out of. You can use these to separate out your different line up on essential oils and make sure they are stored safely. These come in many different colors so you can pick the best color that works for you.

#8 - Terp Pearls

quartz terp pearls

Terp pearls only work for quartz bangers equipped with a carb cap and go inside the bucket of the quartz banger itself. After dropping the essential oil into the bucket of the banger and covering it with the carb cap, the terp pearls will start to spin in a circular motion inside the quartz banger once you begin to inhale. What this does is spread your essential oil around the banger so it does not sit in a puddle at the bottom. By spinning around the banger bucket it spreads the oil thin on the interior and makes the oil smoke more evenly and leave less residue. Terp pearls are specially made to withstand a very high temperature with out breaking, so they are generally not cheap for such a small piece of glass.

#9 - Plastic Keck Clip

plastic keck clip

A plastic keck clip is a small attachment piece that securely holds the banger or dab nail to the dab rig. These are typically used more often for the down stem connection of bongs, however, these are still great for dab rigs. They ensure your nail attachment will not fall off the rig, even if it is turned over. You just have to be a little careful with these when using on your dab rig, because they can easily fall victim to your torch when heating up your quartz banger.

#10 - E-nail

Dab E Nail

E-nails have been growing tremendously over the past couple years and have become very popular among smokers. “E-nail” is short for an electric dab nail. Electric dab nails are typically made of metal or ceramic and require a special machine to heat the nail electronically to the ideal dabbing temperature. Using an electronic dab nail does not require a torch because the nail is heated up automatically. These are typically a little bit pricey compared to an average dab rig set up and are considered a luxury for some. Electronic dab nails are great because they heat up automatically and can be set to the exact desired temperature you would like to take your dab. There are also electronic coils that can wrap around a glass quartz banger and heat it up using the same method as ceramic and metal nails.

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