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Yocan Evolve-D Plus Instructions & How to Use It

Activating the Yocan Evolve-D Plus

  1. Before using your Yocan Evolve-D Plus Dry Herb Pen you want to make sure the battery is at a full charge so you get the best results possible. If you are opening a new Evolve-D Plus pen you will be good to go as these already come fully charged.

  2. Now that you have the pen fully charged, you will have to activate it in order to turn the pen on. To do this you first want to locate the power button, which is the small rectangular button found half way up the pen (it is actually the only button on the pen). Then to activate the pen you must push the power button on the device 5 times in a row very, very quickly. Please note when pushing the button five times you must do it very fast or it will not work. You will know the pen is activated because a little light will flash behind the power button.

  3. Now that the pen is activated you must prepare the coils for optimal use. It is good practice to heat the coils up on the pen because it helps to burn off any junk that may be on the coils before using it. To do this you simply press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds.

Loading the Yocan Evolve-D Plus

  1. Before loading the Evolve-D Plus pen we strongly recommend grinding up your material. This will ensure you get the best draw possible out of your pen each time when using it.
  2. Now it is time to load the material in the pen. To do this you simply turn the mouthpiece counterclockwise until it fully loosens and comes off. After doing this you will see the coil and the loading chamber like the picture below.
Yocan Evolve-D Plus Pen

Then you just load the chamber with the desired amount of material and reattach it back to the pen. Please note that it is not good to over pack the pen with material because it can greatly restrict the airflow and hinder the performance of the pen.

Using the Yocan Evolve-D Plus

  1. Now that you have charged the pen, activated it, and loaded it with material you are officially ready to go! To use it you simply put it to your mouth, push the power button, and start inhaling. The heating coil will begin to heat your material and you can start using!
  2. As your using your pen, you are able to use the mouth tip to push the material down closer to the coils so it continues to work nicely for you.
  3. When you are done using the pen, push the button 5 times in a row to deactivate the pen safely. This is very important to do after using the pen to ensure it does not get turned on accidentally.

Note: Even though these instructions are specifically for the Yocan Evolve-D Plus Dry Herb pen, many of Yocan’s vape pens function the same way and these directions can also be used as a guide line for operating the Yocan Evolve, Evolve Plus, Evolve-d, and others.


  • Just bought the device. Brand new 5 minutes ago. Dry herb does not work properly, the way it was intended to work with the breather. The contact points are all flattened and not making contact at all. Very poorly designed. Super unhappy with a brand new product not functioning right out the box. Needless to say. No where does it mention messing with the contact points to make things work. Also. A huge lack of troubleshooting. Guided information. No where does it tell you how to get the unit to breathe through the bong attachments….. terrible experience. 150$ was a complete waist for the evolve maxxx with the evolve plus xl duo.

    Taylor Lowe
  • Lmao sounds like this page had a troll rolling through here. I just bought mine because needed a decent quality item, and I remember my buddy had the yocan magneto and we loved it so bought the D-PLUS (ORIGINALLY was going to grab a khon seeing as it covered the 3 properties of ganja). It’s turned out to be most everything I remember, although just packing the chamber and roasting it over an open coil (insert x-mas song theme) make me feel like I’m missing something. Overall though it’s a good solid item at a fair price. Nothing complicated

    Branmoji AltaEgo
  • I’ve had the pen for about 2 months. I’ve read the instructions and understand the usage of the pen. The issue I’m having is that there is so much buildup on the plate that taps your herb down that it constantly clogs the holes. Is there any solution to this problem?

  • Very unhappy with product. Two dais trying to get it to so to…no can do…even after googling for info. Now I see many with the same issue. The store won’t do anything…4 days later and used. How would I know it is a lemon if I did not try it? I am the loser…

  • Very unhappy with product. Two dais trying to get it to so to…no can do…even after googling for info. Now I see many with the same issue. The store won’t do anything…4 days later and used. How would I know it is a lemon if I did not try it? I am the loser…


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Nice little pipe

Nice little pipe! Great price, fast shipping.

Perfect fit

This fit my Eyce bowl perfectly

Fine little piece

Works as intended, which is most of reason for buying. I’ll say that it’s small, but you already know that. The base is between the size of a racquetball and a baseball, I’d say. The kinks are more like bubbles out the side, so that’s VERY disappointing, and I considered returning it. Bubbles come out kind of big, and it’s easy to pull hard enough to push the water out of the way, at which point this becomes a pipe, not a bong/bubbler. It’s fine for the price, though.

Excellent and elegant!

This set up is so much prettier than I was led to believe from the pictures! I found it to be very practical and easy to use. Also not to sound like a housewife, but it's easier to clean too.

10/10 would buy again

Amazing piece. Smoothest hitting bong I’ve ever owned. And it cleans surprisingly easy.