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American Made Glass Bongs & Pipes

American made glass bongs and pipes are always some of the best quality products you will find anywhere. Being based in Southern California, we are proud to support US glass blowers and manufacturers. Glass pipes that are American made are known to have outstanding quality and great glass design. Although they can sometimes be more pricey, it is worth the extra dollar to get an American made glass pipe.
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Great product!

This reclaim catcher is wonderful. it takes a while to build up but it catches everything that makes it far enough. i’m in love with this things. keeps my bong so much cleaner for a long time.

Great reclaim catcher!

Best reclaim catcher I have used. been through quite a few this one is my favorite. Great made glass much better quality than any others I have used in the past.

Love this!

Smokes great..a little bit of a learning curve necessary..


Exactly what I wanted! It’s beautiful, well crafted and came quickly!


Perfect for what the job is. Perfect daily size, easy to clean!