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Sharp Stone 4-Piece Grinder 55mm

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Sharp Stone 4-Piece Grinder 55mm

This is nice Sharp Stone 4 piece herb grinder that is simple and easy to use. It is made in the USA from stainless steel and includes a screen. The diameter on this grinder is 55mm.


  • 4 piece metal herb grinder
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  • 55mm diameter 
  • Brand: Sharpstone


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4-piece Sharpstone Grinder works beautifully

Put in you product. Put on the magnetic top. Grind. Voila! Perfect blend. Smooth smoke.

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Pretty good rig, but I thought it was a frog critter

I got this rig as a beginner and it works well. My husband uses it more than his own now because the chambers cool the smoke and delivers smooth hits. I thought the critter was a frog in the photos listed, but it's actually a gecko thingy.

Great pipe

Exactly what I was expecting. Thick glass pipe with some weight. Sits up good and doesn't roll over.

Not bad

This is a decent rig for it's price nuttin special I broke my expensive rig n got this as a backup in case my nxt ice rig breaks I have this for a back up n trust me ALLWAYS HAVE A BACKUP RIG

Great but has flaws

It works great but gets clogged really easy at the top and you can't take it apart to clean it.

Solid piece

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