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We have the best cheap bongs for sale under $100, $50, and even under $25! You can shop for an awesome cheap glass bong here at Kings Pipes. When we say cheap bongs, we mean the price not the glass quality. All of these bongs are still very well made with great glass ... Read more

We have the best cheap bongs for sale under $100, $50, and even under $25! You can shop for an awesome cheap glass bong here at Kings Pipes. When we say cheap bongs, we mean the price not the glass quality. All of these bongs are still very well made with great glass quality. Below is our selection of the best cheap bongs that cost under $100 and $50.

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or are just starting out, cheap glass bongs offer the perfect way to enjoy your favorite herb. Bongs allow smokers to experience smoother hits free of harsh smoke, as well as helping better preserve the flavor of their product. With such affordable prices and so many options on the market, cheap glass bongs can introduce people to a world of smoking that often cannot be found through traditional methods. Anyone looking for cheap and reliable options should consider cheap glass bongs.

Cheap glass bongs are an increasingly popular choice among people who prefer doing their smoking the traditional way. Although cheap in price, these bongs are made of quality materials and can provide great filtration and smokes per session. They come with a range of features, from standard designs to synthetic features such as ice catchers, precoolers and other added efficiencies. Many cheap glass bongs also come with airtight seals to ensure that no smoke escapes into the atmosphere and all of it goes straight into your lungs. All in all, cheap bongs may not be as flashy and elegant as the more expensive models but they are a great way to enjoy a smooth smoking experience without breaking the bank.

Benefits of Cheap Glass Bongs

As a first-time smoker, you're likely on the lookout for affordable, high-quality smoking devices. While many seasoned smokers may suggest investing in premium products, cheap glass bongs offer surprising benefits that newcomers cannot afford to ignore. From affordability and convenience to ease-of-use and customization, there are many reasons why cheap glass bongs might be the perfect starting point for your smoking journey. So explore why affordable glass bongs are perfect options to get your feet wet in the world of smoking. We'll also explain some of the benefits of cheap glass bongs that you may not have considered otherwise.


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of cheap glass bongs is their affordability and accessibility. As a first-time smoker, you don't want to invest too much money in a product that you may not end up using in months or years. Cheap glass bongs allow you to try out smoking without breaking the bank, while simultaneously investing in a device that effectively delivers the desired effects.


Cheap glass bongs come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs that allow you to customize your smoking experience to your liking. You can start with a basic model and gradually level up to premium models as you become more accustomed to smoking. Plus, with the wide variety of customization options, it's easy to find a cheap glass bong that perfectly suits your style and smoking preferences.


Cheap glass bongs are small in size, making them highly portable and convenient to use. Whether you're traveling or hanging out with friends, you can bring your cheap glass bongs with you without a hassle. Moreover, they're easy to clean and maintain, saving you time and effort in the long run.

Easier to Use

Cheap glass bongs are generally easier to use than other smoking devices such as pipes or vaporizers. They're also better for first-time smokers because they don't require any advanced techniques like rolling or packing. Instead, you can simply pour water into the bong and ignite the bowl to start smoking. The water in the glass bong also filters out any harsh chemicals, making the smoke smoother and less irritating to your throat.

Health Benefits

Though it may surprise most people, cheap glass bongs offer several health benefits. Because the water filters out impurities, it significantly reduces coughing and other respiratory issues that come along with smoking. With a glass bong the water filtration system helps to remove some of the harmful toxins that come along with smoking.

Different Types of Cheap Glass Bongs

Straight-tube glass bongs

Straight-tube glass bongs are the most common type of bongs found in the market. They are simple, straight to the point, and does not have a lot of fancy design. They come in various sizes and can be customized or accessorized for personal preference. They can store a good amount of water which helps to produce milky and smooth smoke.

Beaker-bottom glass bongs

Beaker-bottom bongs are another popular type of glass bongs. They have a broader base when compared to the straight-tube glass bongs, and that makes it more stable. They can be tall or short, and this type of glass bong is usually easier to clean and maintain than the straight-tube.

Multi-chamber glass bongs

As the name implies, multi-chamber glass bongs have multiple chambers. The advantage of having multiple chambers is that it helps to filter the smoke, making it less harsh and smoother than other models. Multi-chamber bongs are also usually larger in size and can be expensive, but cheap variants are still available in the market.

Percolator glass bongs

Percolator bongs have internal percolators that help to create a smoother and better hit. This is achieved by having the smoke pass through the water and the percolators, which helps to increase airflow and cooling of the smoke. Although this type is usually more expensive, there are still a lot of options for people looking for cheaper variants.


In conclusion, cheap glass bongs offer several benefits that make them the perfect starting point for first-time smokers. They're affordable, easy to use, customizable, and more convenient than other types of smoking devices. Glass bongs have been popular among smokers for centuries. It's easy to understand why that is truly the case. Additionally, its ability to filter out toxins reduces the harmful effects of smoking.

Ultimately, the perfect cheap glass bong comes down to your preference. With a little research, you're sure to find the perfect device that meets your needs and delivers the desired smoking experience. So go ahead and try a cheap glass bong today and experience these benefits for yourself! As a first-time smoker, this investment will surely help your journey be fruitful, productive, and enjoyable.


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