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Double Recycler Shower Head Dab Rig Kit

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Double Recycler Shower Head Dab Rig Kit

This is truly the ultimate dab rig kit with lots of good stuff. The package includes a 7" shower head recycler rig, reclaim catcher, and quartz banger. The rig is a very well made with heavy duty glass. It stands about 7 inches tall. and weighs almost 1 pound. The rig is mostly all clear, but the color accents do vary.

The reclaim catcher helps save material and keeps your rig clean. The silicone container detaches from the reclaim catcher to make a sealed jar. The banger included is a thick 4mm quartz banger. It has a deep bucket and holds lots of material. 


  • Package includes: Dab Rig, Reclaim Catcher, Banger
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    Customer Reviews

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    Gets the job done

    My opinion is its to top heavy.

    Happy camper!

    Happy camper! I have both this one and the next size down. They hit absolutely wonderfully! And the side car with the reclaim puck is awesome. It’s the reason I bought this rig in the first place and it has not disappointed me either one of them!

    Fuckin Greatness



    Looks nice, feel solid, it’s incredible. The only thing I would change is a smaller bucket and I didn’t care for the carb cap. But it definitely gets a thumbs up


    Seriously this kit is perfect for dabs. The rig is sweet, the reclaimer works well, and the banger and carb cap are top notch. overall this this is perfect!

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    It was love at first sight..
    It fablous to use the water cools
    An allows you to enjoy with out harsh vapors..


    So cute!

    I got this for my friend as an xmas gift, she loved it! I forgot to take a photo but its worth it, very cute & dainty!

    Worth the money!

    I have never shopped online for pipes, I like to be able to see and feel the product before I give my money for it. However, living in a small town doesn't give me many options to purchase pipes in person so I decided to check out what the internet offered. I came across this one and after reading all the good reviews I decided to give it a shot and place the order. Let me tell you this, I am so glad that I did! I love this new rig, I use it multiple times a day and it holds up great! It is a little thinner than I had expected and the accents are green instead of black, but I am so happy with this purchase. Thank you KingsPipes for helping me get a good product for an even better price!

    Its amazing except my bowl broke

    I just got this as my first Zong Bong and it zips like no other, i fucking love it except im so sad because the very first time i used it, it broke.

    Awesome little rig

    My wife and I love it. Great starter rig.