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mini 8 inch glass bong beaker water pipe

8" Glass Beaker Bong - Color Trim

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8" Glass Beaker Bong - Color Trim

This is a glass beaker bong water pipe that stands about 8" tall. The bong is all clear with a cute, color trim, and measures about 8 inches tall. It features an ice catcher and matching bowl. 


  • 8 inch tall 
  • Color: Clear (accent color varies)
  • Wide base for optimal balance
  • Straight shot design makes for easy cleaning
  • Ice catcher
  • 14mm Joint
  • FREE bowl piece and down stem included with all orders
  • FREE shipping with all US orders


Beaker bongs in general are absolutely timeless and are the standard for all other type of glass bongs. This boss bong is crafted with precision and is awesome down to every detail. The down stem and bowl are carefully made to ensure the joints of the bong fit nice and snug. All of the glass used looks very clean and is thick.

Customer Reviews

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Awesome piece but I ended up breaking it after using it once. 10/10 would recommend but be careful with it.

We are very sorry to hear about this! We do also have silicone bongs that are more durable than glass.

Alexander Grant
Solid bong

Good size and good hit. Be careful with it tho. Mine tipped over and broke a hole in the base within a week. Rip.

Clancy McCafferty

Great bong

Robert Czerniak

Fast delivery nice hit

Enrique Ramos
Great buy!!

Great bong!!

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After trying these babies never again with the metal. Ingenious idea

Great Source For All Your Needs

I'm very glad I found these guys. Pipe arrived and was exactly as said.while also packing in a mini pipe with a package of glass screens, and a another bowl for waiting on the color through no fault of their own... that's old school business practices!!! I will be checking this site often

Sturdy and Looks Great!

I appreciate that this is made of thick, quality glass. Also, love the rasta colors/vibe. Well done!


Soo, I went out on a limb and purchased from a 'random website' that had listed, WHAT SOUNDED LIKE a great bong!! It has a 20 arm tree perc on it with a smoke color....

I got it in the mail and it was wrapped great....no chance of breaking, thats for sure.

BUT IT ENDS THERE....this bong, after using it a few sessions, COMPLETELY SUCKS!!! The way it's made, it doesnt function well AT ALL, and it's IMPOSSIBLE to clean! The water/alcohol or whatever else you put in there, WILL NOT COME OUT......it gets 'trapped' all in the tree arms and in the very bottom of the piece.....

I MEAN, IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS! If there was ANYWAY I could send it back and get even just half of my money back, ID DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT!

New Piece

Been using my zong for many many years. After breaking my glass head. This is a nice bong. Wow. Didnt even know they made them this nice. Glass is thick and it's a smooth hit.

This is also one of our favorites. Glad to hear!