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fatty super thick glass hand smoking pipe with bowl

Thick Girly Pink Glass Pipe

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Thick Pink Glass Pipe

This pipe not only looks cool, but works great as well! It is an awesome little pipe with a spoon design. The pipe measures about 4 inches in length. The glass work on this pipe is very high quality and looks like a piece of art. The pipe is clear pink with little white stripes on it. It has a square chamber so sits very nicely with out the worry of tipping over. 


  • Pink Glass Pipe
  • Color: Pink with white stripes
  • Thick Glass
  • Square chamber spoon pipe


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So pretty
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So cute!

I got this for my friend as an xmas gift, she loved it! I forgot to take a photo but its worth it, very cute & dainty!

Worth the money!

I have never shopped online for pipes, I like to be able to see and feel the product before I give my money for it. However, living in a small town doesn't give me many options to purchase pipes in person so I decided to check out what the internet offered. I came across this one and after reading all the good reviews I decided to give it a shot and place the order. Let me tell you this, I am so glad that I did! I love this new rig, I use it multiple times a day and it holds up great! It is a little thinner than I had expected and the accents are green instead of black, but I am so happy with this purchase. Thank you KingsPipes for helping me get a good product for an even better price!

Its amazing except my bowl broke

I just got this as my first Zong Bong and it zips like no other, i fucking love it except im so sad because the very first time i used it, it broke.

Awesome little rig

My wife and I love it. Great starter rig.

Love it!

Keeps everything as clean as can be!