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Heady Dab Rigs

Heady dab rigs are some of the coolest looking rigs on the market. They are generally made with bright, vibrant colors and have glass detail that is superb compared to standard dab rigs.

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Rawhide Rollin

This is really COOL! Much easier than by hand. Neater looking results too. Plenty of how to videos online for instructions.


This works fantastic.. It’s so easy for me to use..

Like it

Works good will be ordering in future size is a plus as its small enough for easy travel does get really hot have to becareful all in all its good

super nice

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend this christmas and he loved it. The art work looks super nice in person.


These are the best and only bongs you need!!! The kink fits perfectly in your fingers, and it doesn't spill if accidentally knocked over the kinks prevent that!!! Hits great too!!! Cleans up by running hot water down the spout for a few minutes!!! Great Bong!!!