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Quartz Banger Male - 4mm Thick

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Quartz Banger Male Joint - 14mm & 18mm 

Quartz bangers are essential pieces used in many dab rigs. This listing is for a male joint banger with a 90 degree bend. Two options are available, 14mm and 18mm. All of our bangers are made of 100% quartz and are high quality. All have thick 4mm walls that can withstand a lot of heat. Lastly, all of our quartz bangers are made with all clear glass and no frost, for a nice, clean look.


  • Male joint
  • 14mm or 18mm available
  • 100% glass quartz banger
  • Glass thickness: 4mm
  • FREE shipping with all US orders

More on Quartz Bangers

The quartz banger provides an unparalleled dabbing experience. It's the perfect tool for capturing all the flavor of your favorite concentrate. This quartz banger is constructed with a male joint and built-in quartz bucket design that ensures no product goes to waste while providing intense and flavorful vapor. With its efficient heating process, you are provided with consistent heat during each session. For those looking to take their vape game to the next level, quartz bangers offers the ultimate experience in concentrates.

Make quartz bangers the go-to choice for your next dabbing experience! Quartz bangers are now available in a variety of sizes, including 14mm and 18mm. Quartz is renowned for its superior levels of heat retention and flavor. This makes quartz bangers an ideal option for connoisseurs who appreciate a good dab without too much wait-time between sessions, or who don't want their rigs overheating after use. And quartz bangers allow for maximum heating efficiency without sacrificing any room on the rig itself, so you get optimum results every time!

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Diane Kennedy
Awesome customer service!

Excellent customer service. They go above and beyond to make sure customer is satisfied. Great response time answering questions. Great quality.

Thank you for your review

Best price anywhere

I remember paying $90 -$100 for just one of these back in 2014 at the local head shop and that was common then. I got 3 of these of the same exact quality of the overpriced 2014 quartz banger for a third of the cost here at King Pipes.com. I'm a very happy dabber.

Thank you for your review


Happy with my purchase as always. I like this banger because it retains heat well and it has the little mountain in the middle for you to kind of roll your tool onto if you need.

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- Kings Pipes


I'm from AZ if I order a banger how long will it take to come

Nice banger

Not much to say, it’s a Nice banger, 4mm thick and priced to move.

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Great device

Am enjoying using this grinder. Knocked off one star (1/2 really) because it’s hard to screw back on where it’s threaded.

Good bubbler pipe

Great pipe. Cleans well and lasts for a long time until I break it!

fast shipping but wrong size

It's alright kinda getd dabs in your mouth

It's alright

Thank you very much for your review


Thank you very much for your review