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Higher Standards 7mm Thick Glass Mini Beaker Bong Kit

7mm Thick Glass Mini Beaker Bong Kit

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7mm Thick Glass Mini Beaker Bong Kit

Beautifully made by Higher Standards with a simple design, this mini 8" bong can do no wrong. It is an eloquent looking bong that is adorned with awesome glass work. It is a very heavy-duty bong that is crafted with 7mm thick glass for max durability. This bong kit from Higher Standards includes the bong, down stem, bowl, quartz banger, carb cap, and metal poker tool. It is a mini bong and can be used as a hybrid water pipe dab rig as well. It includes what you need to use this for both dry herbs and concentrates. 


  • 7mm thick glass
  • 8" tall
  • Made by Higher Standards
  • Beaker bong
  • US Made
  • 14mm bowl size
  • Down stem, bowl, banger, carb cap, and tool included
  • Bong kit for dry herbs or concentrates
  • Scientific glass beaker bong

More on Hybrid Bong Dab Rig Water Pipes

Bong and dab rig hybrid water pipes are smoking devices that combine the best features of both bongs and dab rigs, making them a versatile and exciting choice for smokers. A dab rig typically features a quartz or titanium nail, which requires heating and is used to vaporize the concentrate. In contrast, a bong utilizes a bowl, which is filled with dry herb. However, in a hybrid water pipe, you can switch between a bowl and a dab nail, depending on your preference. This pipe in particular is perfect size to use for both, hence why it makes for such a good hybrid pipe. 

Customer Reviews

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Jeffrey Sheahan
This thing rips

Step up to the 14”!! Quality glass, thick and durable. Hits great, shipped fast. Just do it already.

Thank you for your review

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1302 reviews
Great device

Am enjoying using this grinder. Knocked off one star (1/2 really) because it’s hard to screw back on where it’s threaded.

Good bubbler pipe

Great pipe. Cleans well and lasts for a long time until I break it!

fast shipping but wrong size

It's alright kinda getd dabs in your mouth

It's alright

Thank you very much for your review


Thank you very much for your review