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Penis Bongs & Pipes for Sale

Shop for a novelty penis bong or penis pipe here at Kings Pipes. We have different penis bongs and pipes to choose from in our online smoke shop collection.

These are fun themed pipes and bongs that are perfect for white elephants gift... Read more

Shop for a novelty penis bong or penis pipe here at Kings Pipes. We have different penis bongs and pipes to choose from in our online smoke shop collection.

These are fun themed pipes and bongs that are perfect for white elephants gifts, or just for daily use. Our selection of penis themed pipes includes mini bongs and hand pipes. Whether you want it for yourself or for someone else, these pipes and bongs are sure to be a gag. 

More on Penis Bongs

The world of bongs has exploded in popularity in recent years, with enthusiasts constantly searching for new designs and materials to enhance their smoking experience. However, none have caused quite as much of a stir as the penis bong. Also known as the phallic-shaped bong or dick bong, this unique smoking apparatus has divided opinion in the smoking community. Some see it as a hilarious and harmless novelty item, while others view it as a vulgar and offensive object. In this blog post, we'll delve into the world of penis bongs and explore the reasons behind their polarizing reception.

Origin of Penis Bongs
The exact origins of penis bongs are unclear, but they have become increasingly popular in modern times, particularly in the United States and Canada. While in some cultures, penis symbolism is not uncommon, others view it as taboo or vulgar. However, the interest in penis bongs seems to transcend cultural boundaries, with a growing number of smokers seeking these provocative designs. One theory is that they originated as a prank or a joke between smoking buddies, but their popularity soon spread due to their shock value and unique design.

Controversy Surrounding Penis Bongs
The most significant controversy surrounding penis bongs is their phallic shape. Some people view them as lewd and crude objects, and they may be considered inappropriate in certain social situations. However, fans of these bongs argue that they are nothing more than a novelty, with no more offensive connotations than other similarly shaped items. Another point of contention is the idea of smoking through a penis, which some may find too risqué or disgusting.

Benefits of Penis Bongs Over Other Bongs
Admittedly, one of the main benefits of a penis bong is its uniqueness and the potential for laughs or jokes among smoking buddies. However, they do have other advantages over traditional bongs. For one, their shape can make them sturdier and more comfortable to hold than regular bongs. Additionally, the elongated stem of a penis bong may cool down smoke more than a typical straight or curved stem. It's also essential to note that, like all bongs, penis bongs can be made from a variety of materials, including glass, plastic, or metal, and come in various shapes and sizes.

How to Choose a Penis Bong
If you're interested in trying a penis bong for yourself, there are several things to consider. Firstly, think about why you want one. Is it for a practical advantage, or are you looking for a novelty item to impress friends? If you're planning to smoke with others, consider the overall aesthetic of the bong and how it will be perceived within your social circle. Finally, think about quality - while a penis bong may be a joke, you still want to ensure that it functions correctly and delivers an enjoyable smoking experience.

While a penis bong may not be for everyone, it's made a significant impact within the smoking community. Whether you view it as vulgar or hilarious, there's no denying their popularity, with more and more designs appearing every year. At the end of the day, the choice to smoke from a penis bong comes down to personal preference, and there's no right or wrong decision. Whatever you decide, remember to respect the opinions of others and enjoy your smoking experience responsibly.
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It's alright kinda getd dabs in your mouth

It's alright

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Simply perfect

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Sake Bottle Dab Rig
Dianne Haddix
A Dab will do ya

Great little rig, would highly recommend.

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Classic Metal Travel Pipe

This gives you what you expect. Perfect size to carry in a jean pocket without drawing undesired attention. Only negative I've found so far, has been the threaded mate between stem & bowl is fairly light duty material, so do not over-tighten or exert too much lateral force against the threads.

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