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A glass zong bong is the classic "Z" shaped water pipe that smokers have come to know and love. We have several differ... Read more

A glass zong bong is the classic "Z" shaped water pipe that smokers have come to know and love. We have several different styles of zong bongs for sale in our collection. What makes a zong bong unique is the fact that their design gives them a built in ice catcher and splash guard. Also, the air chamber of a zong bong is bigger than a standard bong of equal height. For example, smoking out of a zong bong measuring 10 inches in height would be similar to smoking out of a straight 12 inch bong. 

More on Zong Bongs

Are you curious about zong bongs? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Zong bongs are an increasingly popular way to smoke. If you’re unfamiliar with them, don’t worry; we’ll break down everything you need to know about zong bongs, including how to use them and which types are available.

What is a Zong Bong?

A zong bong is a type of water pipe that functions like a regular bong but has a curved shape. The bent design of the zong makes it easier to use than traditional straight-shaped bongs. Additionally, the curved shape also helps filter out unwanted particles from the smoke and cools it down before it enters your lungs. This makes for an even smoother smoking experience than regular bongs offer.

How Do I Use a Zong Bong?

Using a zong bong is easy! First, fill up the base of the bong with water. Then, pack your bowl with ground flower or concentrates and place it in the top of the bowl if necessary. Once your bowl is packed, light it up while inhaling through the mouthpiece at the same time. As you inhale, continue to apply heat until all of your herb is consumed and/or vaporized – then exhale!

Which Types of Zongs are Available?

There are several different types of zongs available on the market today. Some popular varieties include beaker-style zongs, which feature a flared base for stability; straight-tube zongs, which have no bends or curves in their design; and percolator zongs, which contain small chambers that diffuse smoke for added filtration and cooling effects. Additionally, some zongs may feature built-in ice catchers or other features that can help further improve smoking quality and enhance flavor profiles when using concentrates or dry herbs alike.   

In conclusion, if you’re interested in trying out something new when smoking – look no further than a zong bong! They offer all of the benefits of regular bongs but with an improved design that provides better filtration and cooling effects for an even smoother smoking experience overall. With so many different types available on the market today, there’s sure to be one perfect for whatever smoking style suits you best! So why not give one a try today? Happy Smoking!

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Dianne Haddix
A Dab will do ya

Great little rig, would highly recommend.

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Classic Metal Travel Pipe

This gives you what you expect. Perfect size to carry in a jean pocket without drawing undesired attention. Only negative I've found so far, has been the threaded mate between stem & bowl is fairly light duty material, so do not over-tighten or exert too much lateral force against the threads.

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Disposable filters

These are one of the better filters to use, I was buying on Amazon but now they will no longer ship to my area,odd.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Works great. Be sure to use the little screen.

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There amazing

They work great

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