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Zong Bongs

We have several different styles of zong bongs for sale in our collection. Zong bongs are the classic "Z" shaped bongs that smokers have come to know and love. What makes zong bongs unique is the fact that their design gives them a built in ice catcher and splash guard. Also, the air chamber of a zong is bigger than a standard bong of equal height. For example, smoking out of a zong measuring 10 inches in height would be similar to smoking out of a straight 12 inch bong. 

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Another good buy

Second bubbler, this one for a friend. Quality good, price better, shipping fast. What else do you need.

nice looking pipe

works good a friend liked the color.


It’s smooth and it’s awesome best I’ve bought.

Great little zong! Small but powerful. It’s hard for me to find the minis anymore, so I’m loving it. Only thing I wish, is that the elbows came out a little further so I could set the zong on its side.
I would totally buy another one!

Black Dichro Glass Pipe 5"