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16" Glass Beaker Bong 5mm Thick - Clear

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16" Glass Beaker Bong 5mm Thick - Clear

This is a big 16" tall beaker bong made with thick 5mm glass. It is all clear glass which makes for clean scientific beaker look. This bong comes with a down stem and bowl slide as well.


  • Glass beaker bong
  • 16" tall
  • 5mm thick glass

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Morris


We are happy to hear that you liked your bong!

Jon Gillespie
Works great!

It’s a perfect straight tube, so much easier to clean. Also, it’s really sturdy so, even if you quit smoking, you can at least defend yourself with it!

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After trying these babies never again with the metal. Ingenious idea

Great Source For All Your Needs

I'm very glad I found these guys. Pipe arrived and was exactly as said.while also packing in a mini pipe with a package of glass screens, and a another bowl for waiting on the color through no fault of their own... that's old school business practices!!! I will be checking this site often

Sturdy and Looks Great!

I appreciate that this is made of thick, quality glass. Also, love the rasta colors/vibe. Well done!


Soo, I went out on a limb and purchased from a 'random website' that had listed, WHAT SOUNDED LIKE a great bong!! It has a 20 arm tree perc on it with a smoke color....

I got it in the mail and it was wrapped great....no chance of breaking, thats for sure.

BUT IT ENDS THERE....this bong, after using it a few sessions, COMPLETELY SUCKS!!! The way it's made, it doesnt function well AT ALL, and it's IMPOSSIBLE to clean! The water/alcohol or whatever else you put in there, WILL NOT COME OUT......it gets 'trapped' all in the tree arms and in the very bottom of the piece.....

I MEAN, IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS! If there was ANYWAY I could send it back and get even just half of my money back, ID DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT!

New Piece

Been using my zong for many many years. After breaking my glass head. This is a nice bong. Wow. Didnt even know they made them this nice. Glass is thick and it's a smooth hit.

This is also one of our favorites. Glad to hear!