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Big 420 Tray Rolling Kit

Big 420 Tray Rolling Kit

$60.00 $29.99 Sale

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Rolling Tray
  • 2 packs of Elements rolling papers
  • 1 cigarette roller
  • 1 thick glass pipe
  • 1 plastic grinder
  • 3 packs of pipe screens

This is the ultimate rolling tray bundle that includes everything you need whether you are at home or on the go. This is a great bundle to buy as a gift or use for yourself! 


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Tonja Wells

Absolutely love it...thank u so much

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Awesome piece but I ended up breaking it after using it once. 10/10 would recommend but be careful with it.

One of the better Stash Cans.

This is a perfect "Dad Gift." There's a lot of stash cans on the market. The problem is most criminals know what they look like! This item is a bit more stealthy. Use it and throw it under the sink first. The only negative is it's probably not odor proof, but, that's okay, because my kid doesn't smoke weed either. Be safe, have fun!

Use The Force!

It's beautiful! Does what it's supposed to do!

Dab Back Up.

I am pretty new at dabbing. I just bought my first torch rig to be used with an E Nail. (I usually use Pens). I worked with propane torches before (on plumbing) and am not a fan of traditional dabbing. Given the state of the World today, electricity may not always be there. Especially, when U have a few $100 of Concentrate in the 'fridge ready to go bad if the power goes. NOW, I am ready for that day! Excellent packing!!!! ThankU

The pipe is good, heavy and easy to use Problem keeping the screen in. Would be nice having a groove in the bowl to help keep it in