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super thick glass bong

Thick Glass 9mm Beaker Bong with Color Accents

$200.00 $99.99 Sale

Thick Glass 9mm Beaker Bong with Color Accents

This bong is about as heavy as any beaker bong you will find anywhere. This beaker bong is made with 9mm thick glass and is incredibly heavy duty. No joke, thing weighs about 3 to 4 pounds! As with all Kings Pipes glass products, the detail on this pipe is perfect and all the glass work looks beautiful on it. This bong is ideal height and stands about 1 foot tall. Of course, the down stem and bowl are included with your package. The joint size on the bowl for this one is 14mm. This bong is similar in quality to other high end bong made from Bougie Glass and Diamond Glass.

Bong Features

  • Glass Beaker Bong
  • 9mm thick glass
  • 1 foot tall
  • Glass bowl piece and down stem included

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tanner Woller
Completely Ecstatic

Can’t beat the quality of this. Appreciate good product.

Joshua Jones

You weren't lying when you said it was heavy. Nice and sturdy. Really happy with this.

Emily K

Everything about this rig is amazing. Love it.

Jordan G.
Great Quality

Was really happy with the quality.

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Mini Stone Pipe
Peter Pitman Sr
Mini stone pipe

The pipe was exactly what I wanted. It works great.

GREAT little pipe!

Perfect for what I need!! Thank you for your prompt service!!!!

Good for the price.

I got this as a temporary replacement for someone whos bowl I dropped and thry ended up liking it more then the bowl that broke. It's definitely a bit thin for my taste and has a flat-end mouth piece which I'm not a fan of but many people like.

Overall this pipe gets the job done and it's so cheap that you wont feel bad if you drop it. Hits like a champ too!

Also, A side note: The pipe reminds me of squidward for some reason. A Very simple but cool design and shape.


works like a charm

I liked it

Inline Dab Rig
Sierra B
This rig slaps

This rig has great quality and shipped in pristine condition! I’m definitely enjoying it!