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Double Kink Mini  Glass Zong Bong for Sale

Double Kink Mini Zong Bong 7"

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Double Kink Mini Zong Bong 7"

This is a cool mini zong bong water pipe that measures about 7 inches tall. This small bong can pack a big punch! It has a double kink zong design that looks sweet and makes for good use. It has a fairly skinny neck and measures just about 1 inch in diameter. A bowl slide is of course included with all orders. The bottom of this zong bong is decorated with a classic "raked" stripe design. There are multiple color schemes available for this one. 

Zong Features

  • 7 inch tall glass water pipe 
  • Color: Clear/ (stripe color varies)
  • Classic Zong design
  • Double kinked zong bong
  • Bowl slide included
  • FREE shipping with all US orders


Customer Reviews

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Awesome Pipe!!!

I LOVE this pipe!! Very sturdy & if you knock it over, it doesn't spill!! I bought 6 of them. Hope to last me forever! The ONLY bong I will smoke from!!
Fast & safe shipping!! Great price!!


I love it it hits so good and the taste omg keep her clean and she will take care of u I have 3-4 other people that r going to order one & im going to order a back up


Love this piece. Had an original zong years ago and it broke and this one is identical to it. Love it!


Very happy with my purchase.

Good piece

Had this piece about 10 years ago and had it taken from a buddies dad(when we had to hide it still lol) and when i seen it again i had to buy it. I got the green one first and idk if it came cracked or i cracked it somehow but i ended up getting another one a few days later. Unfortunately they didnt have the green in stock like the og I had but the blue one is pretty cool too and it came with a color changing slide unlike the green one so it worked out lol. Overall these zongs are hands down my favorite piece and will probly buy every color to have a collection of them.

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Cute pipe

The pipe is well made and fits easily into a purse or pocket.

This thing rips

Step up to the 14”!! Quality glass, thick and durable. Hits great, shipped fast. Just do it already.


Came as advertised, perfect starter rig

nice and clean

Keeps the right nice and clean. Does it’s job just right.

Good piece

Good quality piece for a fair price. The reclaim catcher is great.