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Diffused Inline Bong 12

Diffused Inline Glass Bong 14"

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Diffused Inline Glass Bong 14"

This bad boy is appropriately named "the rock" because it packs a punch. It stands 14 inches tall in total, but has a 2" base, so is considered to be a 12" water pipe. There is an amazing level of filtration in this bong and it provides incredibly smooth usage. No joke this bong is super heavy duty and made with really thick glass! You will definitely not be disappointed with the quality glass work on this one. 



  • Diffused Inline Slitted Perc 
  • Perc
  • 14" tall - (2" base / 12" water chamber)
  • Thick glass
  • 18mm bowl included



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    Nothin else to say

    Great Quality

    Everything about this is great. The quality is top notch. I would order again from this company.

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    jah, love

    love it!,. reminds me of Jamaica where i grew up... you know.. near de BEACH! nevermind I'm from texas, but dems good memories of Jamaica

    ive wanted one 4 a min

    but sadly its one of those carb wormholes and no strategy works. my design evolved bunches, now w big carb and connected
    tube to the bottom ish of chamber. a sliding fem downstem will fix ... more fab

    Beautiful Bong & a Night Light too!

    This is the third 8 inch bong I have purchased from King Pipes. This purchase was a gift for my brother. He absolutely loves it. Not only does King Pipes offer quality smoking implements at a good price, their customer service is TOP NOTCH! I whole-heartedly endorse King Pipes and will tell all my friends.

    Nice pipe worth every penny.

    7” double kink zong

    Nice mini zong for quick and easy use just about anywhere, will probably buy another for back up, love it.