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Galaxy Glass Pipe

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Galaxy Glass Pipe 4"

This pipe is really heavy duty and made with thick glass. It measures about 4 inches in length. This "Galaxy" pipe is spectacular and great for any collection! The detail on this one is amazing and it is truly a piece of art. It features an awesome bright blue bowl and a gold fumed color going down the tube. It also has three glass knobs going down the side for an extra cool look as well as for a better hand grip when using the pipe.


  • 4 inch glass pipe made from thick, high quality glass
  • Color: Blue/Gold
  • Spoon pipe
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    Daniel Arena

    Super dope design with nice, thick glass!

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    Nice little pipe

    Nice little pipe! Great price, fast shipping.

    Perfect fit

    This fit my Eyce bowl perfectly

    Fine little piece

    Works as intended, which is most of reason for buying. I’ll say that it’s small, but you already know that. The base is between the size of a racquetball and a baseball, I’d say. The kinks are more like bubbles out the side, so that’s VERY disappointing, and I considered returning it. Bubbles come out kind of big, and it’s easy to pull hard enough to push the water out of the way, at which point this becomes a pipe, not a bong/bubbler. It’s fine for the price, though.

    Excellent and elegant!

    This set up is so much prettier than I was led to believe from the pictures! I found it to be very practical and easy to use. Also not to sound like a housewife, but it's easier to clean too.

    10/10 would buy again

    Amazing piece. Smoothest hitting bong I’ve ever owned. And it cleans surprisingly easy.