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Bougie Glass Reclaim Catcher

Bougie Glass 90° Reclaim Catcher 14/18mm

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Bougie Glass 90° Reclaim Catcher 14/18mm

This is authentic Bougie Glass. This reclaim catcher connector is awesome for several reasons. Not only does it act as an ash catcher to keep your bong or rig clean, it is designed to catch any reclaim oil in the silicone container. This one has a 90° bend. The silicone container detaches from the reclaim catcher to make a sealed jar. It is awesome for saving you money as you can reuse your reclaim for a second dab, or drip it on whatever you are rolling up. The reclaim catcher has a female opening so the joint does not change on your rig or bong. Two sizes are available: 14mm and 18mm. Silicone jar attachment is included (silicone jar color varies). 


  • about 2 1/2 inches tall
  • Bougie Glass
  • 90° bend
  • great for saving material
  • 14mm or 18mm joint available
  • silicone jar included

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