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Best Glass Bongs of 2020 To Buy Online [Updated]

We decided to make a list of the best glass bongs of 2020 to buy online. Glass Bongs are hands down one of the most popular smoking devices on the market, so it is only fitting we decided to make a list of the best. Below, you will find a list of what we think are some of the best glass bongs of 2020.


8” Boss Glass Beaker Bong

8" Boss Glass Beaker Bong

Though this Boss Glass Beaker Bong is very simple and fairly small, it had to make our list due to its convenience to use and clean glass work. Beaker bongs in general are absolutely timeless and are the standard for all other type of glass bongs. This one by Boss is crafted with precision and is awesome down to every detail. The down stem and bowl are carefully made to ensure the joints of the bong fit nice and snug. All of the glass used looks very clean and is thick.


Glycerin Coil Beaker Bong 11"

Glycerin Coil Bong

This Glycerin Coil Beaker provides some of coldest and smoothest hits in the biz! This is a killer bong that literally detaches into 2 pieces. The bong is held together in the middle with a large plastic clip and is very sturdy. The top part of the bong is meant to be stored in a freezer until its ready for use. This keeps the glycerin in the bong freezing cold so you do not have to add any ice cubes like with a traditional style bong. When you are ready to use, you simply grab the top part out the freezer to attach it and you are ready to go with ice cold rips!


Pineapple Bong

Pineapple Bong

Our Pineapple Bong we have featured in our online head shop has to be one of the coolest themed bongs you can find anywhere. This bong is a combination of glass art and function. It looks great and has eye catching glass work down to every detail. The best part is that this bong is available in multiple colors. If you do not like the standard yellow and green look, you can choose from other options to ensure you find the one just right for you! It also functions very well and provides a smooth, good use. Standing at 9 inches tall, it is not super big, but just tall enough to give you the god size hits you need!


Diamond Glass Barrel Bong

Diamond Glass Bong

You can never go wrong with a Diamond Glass bong. All of the pipes they put out are always some of the best you will find anywhere on the market. With all of the bongs, rigs, and other water pipes Diamond Glass produces, this one stands above the rest. This pipe dubbed “The Barrel Bong” by Diamond Glass stands over 15 inches tall and features a showerhead diffused down stem and double honeycomb perc. If you want big hits when smoking, then this bong is right up your alley. Another cool feature of this bong is it comes in different color accents so you can choose whatever you prefer. To top it off, this glass bong has a cool fumed marble attached to the neck that looks absolutely spectacular.


Bougie Glass 9mm Bong

Bougie Glass 9mm Beaker Bong

As we said in the top of the blog with the Boss bong, beaker bongs are absolutely timeless and can be appreciated by any smoker. For that reason, we had to include the Bougie Glass 9mm Beaker Bong in our list for best glass bongs of 2019. The 9mm bong by Bougie is literally the perfect glass beaker bong. It is immaculately crafted and made with the thickest glass you will find just about anywhere. The 9mm thick glass is incredibly heavy duty and strong. This bong is twice as heavy as most standard glass bongs you find on the market that is similar in size. Not only is the glass on this bong very thick, it also crafted beautifully and is absolutely perfect. From the bowl piece, to the down stem, to the actual bong itself, this thing screams perfection. 

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Great product!

This reclaim catcher is wonderful. it takes a while to build up but it catches everything that makes it far enough. i’m in love with this things. keeps my bong so much cleaner for a long time.

Great reclaim catcher!

Best reclaim catcher I have used. been through quite a few this one is my favorite. Great made glass much better quality than any others I have used in the past.

Love this!

Smokes great..a little bit of a learning curve necessary..


Exactly what I wanted! It’s beautiful, well crafted and came quickly!


Perfect for what the job is. Perfect daily size, easy to clean!