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Bong & Pipe Christmas Shopping Guide for 2022

bong pipe Christmas shopping guide 2022

Are you looking to get someone a new bong or pipe for Christmas, but do not know where to look? Well do not worry, we here at Kings Pipes have got you covered! To start, you can check out our Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday deals here

There are many different smoking products on the market these days and if you are shopping around for someone who likes to smoke, it can sometimes be a daunting task. To help, we made a guide for the best smoking products to gift for Christmas this year. Below is our bong and pipe Christmas shopping guide for 2022 that includes the best bongs, dab rigs, pipes, smoking accessories, and smoking bundles to gift this year for Christmas.


glass bongs

Twist Bong 

twist bong
The twist bong is a sweet 10-inch-tall bong that has a cool and unique design. The glass work on this bong is awesome and features a glass twist going up the shaft cylinder. With this bong currently being priced at $44.99, it is one of the best deals you will find anywhere online.

Mini Zong Bong

mini zong bong

This 8-inch mini zong bong is an instant classic and appreciated by all smokers. It is great for gifting because it functions well and is a good size for all smokers to use. This mini zong comes in several different color ways so you can choose between different options.

8-inch Beaker Bong

mini 8 inch beaker bong

If you are looking to gift a bong to someone this Christmas, but do not know which one to choose, then this one is always a safe option. It is a standard 8” glass beaker bong with a glass on glass connection. This is a very popular bong, and for good reason. It is a great daily driver bong that works just as well as the best of them. This bong is all clear with matching color accents on the mouth tip and bowl slide.

Classic Raked 12” Bong

classic raked bong

If you are looking to buy a bong with a little more height than the bongs listed above, then this classic raked bong might be the right option. It stands 1 foot tall and has cool color accents that really make this bong pop!

Expandable Silicone Bong

expandable silicone bong

This is a great bong for all those clumsy people out there. If you are gifting a bong to someone who always breaks theirs then this might be the best option. This expandable silicone bong is made from durable silicone and does not break like a standard glass bong would.

Dab Rigs

glass dab rigs

Shower Head Dab Rig

showerhead dab rig

The shower head dab rig is a basic, good functioning dab rig. It is 5 inches tall and has a shower head diffused percolator that provides good water filtration.

Bell Shaped Dab Rig

bell chamber cute dab rig

This bell-shaped dab rig is similar in size and function to the shower head dab rig listed above. It has a slightly different water chamber shape that helps to keep to water from splashing up. This is a well-made, standard dab rig that will work great for anyone.

Bio Hazard Mini Beaker Dab Rig

bio hazard mini dab rig

Bio Hazard is a US based company that produces some of the best glass bongs and pipes in the business. This mini dab rig is a hybrid between a mini beaker bong and a dab rig. It has a removable down stem and comes with a 45 degree bend quartz banger. Like all of Bio Hazard’s glass, this was manufactured in the US and is made with absolute precision and high quality glass.

Nectar Collector

nectar collector

This is a unique hybrid dab rig. It is a nectar collector that comes equipped with a glass dab nail and built in reclaim catcher. This is what you would call a “dry” dab rig, meaning it does not function with water filtration like other popular dab rigs. Although this is a cheaper alternative to standard dab rigs, it still functions great.

Classic Raked Dab Rig

 classic raked dab rig

The classic dab rig is similar to the bell shaped dab rig, but features a classic raked design. It stands about 5 inches tall and has several different color options to choose from. Like all dab rigs in our store, this comes with a glass quartz banger.


glass hand smoking pipes

Ice Cream Pipe

ice cream cone glass pipe

This ice cream pipe is one of the coolest themed pipes in our online head shop. This pipe is perfect for all the ice cream lovers out there, and let’s be real, who doesn’t love ice cream? It is made with thick, heavy-duty glass and has intricate glass detail. This pipe is designed to mimic a vanilla ice cream cone topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Mini Travel Pipe

mini travel glass pipe

By far one of the most popular pipes in our head shop, this 3” travel pipe is the perfect pipe for on the go. It is small and discreet, and easy to carry around. This pipe would be the perfect stocking stuffer or just regular Christmas gift. We have an option with this pipe where you can either get 1 for $7.99, or 3 for $15.98 (buy 2 get 1 free).

Pink Glass Pipe

pink glass pipe

This pink hand pipe is favorited among the ladies and all the pink lovers out there. It is made with all clear pink glass and measures about 4 inches in length. It has a definitive spoon shape that is standard for most glass smoking pipes. The bowl on this pipe is good size and holds a lot of material. This pipe is a great gift for those who love pink.

Rasta Zig Zag Pipe

Rasta Zig Zag Glass Pipe

If you are looking to just gift a classic, standard smoking pipe, then this Rasta zig zag pipe will be the perfect purchase. This is a timeless hand pipe that has a typical spoon shape with a flat tip mouthpiece. It is a yellow fumed pipe adorned with swirling Rasta stripes.

Galaxy Glass Pipe

spoon glass pipe

This galaxy pipe has several different colors that really make it stand out. It is manufactured with thick glass and is a heavy-duty pipe.

Smoking Accessories

smoking accessories

Bowl Slide

raked bowl slide

A bowl slide is always a great addition for any bong, or even a dab rig if the person you’re gifting it to wants to use it for dry herb. We have several different style bowls to choose from that come in 14mm or 18mm size.

Quartz Banger

quartz banger

These are always a great stocking stuffer because anyone who uses a banger often knows how common it is for them to break. Having a backup banger never hurts.

Dab Nail

dab nail with dome

Dab nails serve the same purpose as bangers do. Some people prefer these over quartz bangers; however, it is just up to the user’s preference. These are a little cheaper than quartz bangers so purchasing this as an alternative will leave you a little more money for your Christmas shopping.

Rolling Papers

rolling papers

Honestly, how could you go wrong with giving a smoker rolling papers? These are the ultimate stocking stuffers and are perfect for gifting.

Reclaim Catcher

reclaim catcher

This is a great gift for those who already have a dab rig. A reclaim catcher attaches to the dab rig and helps to keep the rig clean by acting as an ash catcher, as well as saving any extra reclaim oil that would have otherwise been wasted. The removable silicone dish at the bottom allows the user to get to the extra reclaim. Overall, this is one of the best and underrated dabbing accessories on the market.

Ash Catcher

glass ash catcher

A standard ash catcher is the perfect add-on for bongs and helps to keep the bong clean as well as provide extra water filtration.


herb grinder

Every smoker can use a grinder. This helps to break up the dry herb and make is easier to burn when smoking. We have cheap plastic grinders and well as nicer metal grinders available in our online headshop.

Dabber Tool

metal dabber tool

Anyone with a dab rig must use a dabber tool to use it properly. The dabber tool allows you to collect the essential oil and drop it in the quartz banger bucket. This is another great stocking stuffer gift.

Glass Carb Cap

glass carb cap

This is another accessory that is used with dab rigs. The carb cap goes over the top of the quartz banger to prevent smoke from escaping while still allowing good airflow at the same time.

Pipe Screens

pipe screens

If you are getting someone a new pipe for Christmas, you may want to consider pairing it with some pipe screens. New pipes take a while to get worked in, and pipe screens help to provide filtration while that happens. It is common for users to suck ash through a new pipe and screens help to prevent that.

Bundle Deals

smoking dabbing bundle kit

Kings Pipes Mystery Box

kings pipes mystery box

If you are looking to buy a gift for a fellow smoker but are not sure what to get them, then this mystery box would be the perfect option. There are four different price points to choose from: $25, $50, $75, and $100. You can also choose between a dry herb or essential oil. With our Kings Pipes mystery box, you are guaranteed to get more value in items than what you pay for. We make sure to load up our mystery boxes with lots of goodies, so everyone who receives one is satisfied. We can ensure if you buy this as a gift for someone, they will be more than happy with their mystery box.

Dabbing Accessories Bundle

dabbing accessories bundle

This dabbing accessories bundle is great if you are buying for someone who already has a dab rig. This bundle includes a quartz banger, dabber tool with carb cap, and silicone dab jar.

Bong and Dab Kit Bundle

bong dab rig kit bundle

Get the best of both worlds with this bong and dab kit bundle that allows the user to turn this water pipe into either a bong or dab rig. With this bundle you get an 8” bell shaped chamber water pipe, glass bowl slide, quartz banger, and dabber carb cap tool. This is a great package if you are gifting this to someone who likes both essential oils and dry herbs.

Dab Rig With Reclaim Catcher

dab rig kit with reclaim catcher

This is a great set up for someone who needs a new dab rig and reclaim catcher. You get an 8” bell shaped chamber water pipe along with a reclaim catcher attachment and quartz banger. Instead of buying a dab rig and reclaim catcher separately, you can save money by bundling them together with this package.

Rolling Tray Bundle

rolling accessories bundle

For those who like to roll up, this rolling tray bundle is perfect. You get a lot of different RAW products here that help make the rolling and smoking experience easier. You get papers, tips, a roller, and a big rolling tray to get all the work done. This is a great bundle that will not disappoint.


Although shopping for smoking accessories can sometimes be hard when you are looking to get the perfect gift for someone, we hope our guide at least helped you narrow down your decision. If you have any questions about our items or just any general questions always feel free to reach out to us at sales@kingspipes.com.

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